What We Do



Divided Cities Forum 

IPCRI engages Jerusalemite activists to learn about the Irish case study as a model for a cooperative future between Israelis and Palestinians.

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Building Visions for Jerusalem

IPCRI aims to facilitate interactions between different communities in Jerusalem and engage them in participatory processes in order to cross boundaries.




Female Entrepreneurs Leading Change

IPCRI engages Israeli and Palestinian women and provides training to equip them with the tools to develop their one initiatives and lead change in their communities.

Regional Engagement


Tourism as a Tool for Transboundary Cooperation

Working with local tour providers and tour guides, IPCRI is conducting this project to assess how tourism can be used as a tool to facilitate transboundary cooperation.

Transboundary Environmental Cooperation

IPCRI partnered with the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in promoting a Track II process focused on the environment. In this partnership, a Young Professional forum will be formed with the aim of developing local initiatives focused on cleaning water, treating waste water and developing renewable energy.