Who are we?

We believe in partnerships. Despite decades of peacebuilding efforts in the Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still characterized by extreme division where people live under oppression and in an unjust reality. IPCRI aspires towards justice, equality and freedom by challenging the power dynamics resulting from the status quo. Through facilitating new relations between the different sides, we seek to create innovative ways to change the reality on the ground.

Areas of Focus


Current Projects

Divided Cities Forum

Learning from Other Conflicts

The divided cities forum brings together Jerusalemite activists and offers them the opportunity to learn about other divided cities, like Belfast and Nicosia. The idea is to gain an in-depth understanding of other divided cities and draw inspiration for addressing the divisive circumstances in Jerusalem. The project involves study trips to the cities, where participants meet with local policy makers and activists in order to paint a full picture of the specific context in which reconciliation was possible. 

Building Visions For Jerusalem

Engagement through Local Participation

Through this initiative we aim to engage local communities in participatory processes that will illuminate their current interlinks and point to potential areas of agreement for the future. As such, our efforts will help both Arab and Jewish citizens in Jerusalem improve their everyday lives in concrete ways, while at the same time working to build the social infrastructure and functional ecosystem for lasting peace and understanding, which can serve as a model for the region as a whole.

Tourism Brings Us Closer

Tourism as a Tool for Conflict Resolution

Based on a research that will be conducted within the framework of this project, this initiative will explore the ways in which tourism can be used as a mechanism for positive peace. After an initial phase of reasearch, the project will engage a diverse group of tour providers from Israel and the West Bank with the aim of producing policy documents and recommendations.

From Marginalization to Leadership

Female Entrepreneurs Leading Change

This project aims at empowering aspiring female entrepreneurs in Israel and the West Bank and thereby offering solutions to different problem sets in both societies. On eht one hand, the program seeks to combat gender imbalance in the private sector, by equipping women with the tools and training necessary to implement their own enterprises. Additionally, women will receive training on political empowerment in order to be able to make an impact on the peaceful resolution of the conflict. Bi-national workshops and training sessions will also contribute to mutual understanding and forming of meaningful relationship with the other side.

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