IPCRI in the Media

An Israeli Jew and a Palestinian Arab Promote Peace in New and Creative Ways

Ron Kronish


In an interview in the Times of Israel, IPCRI Co-Directors Nivine Sandouka and Liel Maghen shared their optimism and enthusiasm for their work for peace. 

With Small Steps, Palestinians and Israelis Try to Tackle Gaza’s Ills

 David M. Halbfinger


Read an article in the New York Times about IPCRI's project with the Arava Insitute, that seeks to promote environmental cooperation in the region. 

Despite Official Boycott, Over Half of East Jerusalem's Palestinians Want to Vote in City Elections

Nir Hasson


As despair over the chances of a two-state solution grows, calls grow within the community to participate in municipal elections, in order to reduce the inequality between the city's western and eastern parts. 

Encountering Peace

Gershon Baskin


Thirty years ago, during the fourth month of the First Intifada, I launched the creation of IPCRI (Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information), a joint Israeli Palestinian public policy think tank. IPCRI was created to enable Israeli-Palestinian joint strategic thinking and planning of professionals and decision makers to figure out how to create and implement a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By March 1988 it was clear that the First Intifada had propelled the Palestinian national movement into greater pragmatism that would lead to a process of mutual recognition and a peace process. 

Shaping the Palestinian Future: Voices of the Next Generation

Participation of IPCRI Co-Director Nivine Sandouka


IPCRI Co-Director Nivine Sandouka participated in the JStreest National Conference 2018, sharing her insights in the the future of Palestinians. 

What Northern Ireland can teach us about Israel-Palestine

Liel Maghen and Eran Tsidkiyahu


Imagine if Jerusalem had an Israeli mayor from the Likud party, and a Palestinian deputy mayor from Fatah. It’s not so far-fetched — the equivalent is already in place in Belfast. 

Are the Middle East Peace Talks in Jeopardy?


On April 7, IPCRI's co-director Mr. Dan Goldenblatt spoke for Al Jazeera about the current crisis in the Middle East peace talks.  

Curious About Palestine, Israeli Visitors Return


Karin Laub from the Associated Press has joined our Breaking Down Walls tour to Ramallah on April 16. Read her article about the tour.  

Dreaming of Breaking Down the Walls


Read an article published by Ynet about our tour to Betlehem, organized as a part of IPCRI's Breaking Down Walls project.  

For more related content, visit the blog of Gershon Baskin, the founder of IPCRI and one of the most recognizable names in the Middle East Peace Process.


In Pursuit of Peace in Israel and Palestine

by Gershon Baskin

Gershon Baskin reveals how relations in the Middle East are based on justified fear, influenced by lack of human contact and reinforced by continued violence that solidify patterns of thinking and behavior that negatively influence public policies.