The Sinsila Center

Sinsila Center wishes to produce a new model for urban sustainability in East Jerusalem. Through combining environmental education and hands on courses, we wish to improve the local environment through promoting the environmental justice and community empowerment, necessary for creating a sense of belonging and agency to lead change.  

The Sinsila center is located in the heart of East Jerusalem, on the terraces of the Central Library. It is dedicated to educate, inspire, create with, and empower, local communities. Its goal is to heal the urban environment of Jerusalem by providing local and sustainable solutions. Sinsila’s plan action has three main focus points: employment, inspiration, and education. It aims at having a multidimensional approach in order encompass healing the city, community work, urban planning, economic empowerment, sustainability, and ecology.

For further information, list of partners and publications, please visit this  website.


Sheik Jarrah

  • Establishment of a women's Cooperative Cafe

  • Ongoing Courses in Urban Farming and Beekeeping

  • Sheik Jarrah place making projects

  • Cultural Events at the 'Sinsila' Center

  • The inauguration of our 2nd center in Abu Tor