Regional Engagement

The engagement and commitment of regional stakeholders to the two-state solution as well as their interaction with local constituencies is a much-needed ingredient for a comprehensive resolution of the conflict. Over the past year, IPCRI has increased its focus on regional cooperation and has started putting its actions into a regional framework, which has proven to be widely beneficial for our strategies. Elevating the discussion out of the dual, Israeli-Palestinian, narrative and putting it into a larger context not only promotes more global and creative thinking, but also ensures a sustainable strategy that will involve a large constituency that will work for peace. 

Tourism as a Tool for Transboundary Cooperation

It is proven that increased touristic activity correlates with positive peace. In this program, IPCRI will conduct a research how tourism can be used as a tool for conlict resolution in the Israeli-Palestinian context and will engage local tourism providers. The aim is to produce policy recommendations that will be presented to key policy makers on the local and national level.

Transboundary Environmental Cooperation

IPCRI partnered with the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in promoting a Track II process focused on the environment. In this partnership, a Young Professional forum will be formed with the aim of developing local initiatives on the ground focusing on cleaning water, treating waste water and developing renewable energy.

IPCRI Forums

As part of our advocacy work, we are hosting regular open forums in which we highlight some of the most pressing issues in the region and invite experts to offer their insights.