In times of conflict, it is highly important to identify spaces where cooperation and partnerships are taking place on a regular basis. These spaces can become a platform for improving the general relations between the sides and become a model for a better future.  As a city shared by both Israelis and Palestinians, where both communities share public spaces and are forced to notice their interdependence, Jerusalem can highlight spaces of interaction and become a laboratory for improving the relations between the communities. Thus, over the last years we initiated several projects focusing on the future of this city. These projects combined research, community mapping and organizing and  the articulation of policy recommendations. For expanding our understanding, this included the coordination of delegations to other contested cities. Our key policy recommendations and findings where presented in November 2019 in our In Between Conference and their publication can be found here.    

Divided Cities Forum 

Contested cities are at the center of cross communal conflicts. As such, these conflicts affect the daily lives of local residents, which are often politicized for national purposes. While the future of Jerusalem is uncertain, the cases of other cities as Belfast, Sarajevo or Nicosia can highlight significant lessons in regards to the future of divided cities. This program aims to deliver lessons from other cases of divided cities to local activists in Jerusalem. This initiative equips activists from both sides with the knowledge and tools needed to initiate new and innovative projects and for reaching a stable consensus. 

Building Visions for Jerusalem

In this project, IPCRI aims to engage local communities in participatory processes that will illuminate their current interlinks and point to potential areas of agreement for the future. In partnership with the Hebrew University, we are mapping local needs, facilitate local groups aimed at creating local interventions and lead teams focused at designing policy recommendations. Among these interventions are placemaking projects and projects focused on empowering women and their presence in public spaces. 

Sinsila Center

مركز سنسلة

Creating Hope Through Action

Sinsila Center wishes to produce a new model for urban sustainability in East Jerusalem. Through combining environmental education and hands on courses, we wish to improve the local environment through promoting the environmental justice and community empowerment, necessary for creating a sense of belonging and agency to lead change.