In times of conflict and growing despair to finding a solution, it is important to identify spaces where cooperation and partnerships are taking place. Such identification can allow to find key opportunities for changing the status quo and highlight important opportunities for next steps.  As a city shared by two people and with a mixed population of Israelis and Palestinians, where both communities share public spaces and are forced to see their interdependence, Jerusalem can highlight spaces of interaction and become a laboratory for improving the relations between the communities. In Jerusalem the demand for rights is more concrete and does not depend on the national negotiations and thus improvement can be achieved. ​

Divided Cities Forum 

Conflicts in divided cities affect local residents’ daily lives and impact the politics at the national level. However, while the future of Jerusalem is uncertain, in the cases of Belfast or Cyprus a settlement has been reached. This program aims to deliver lessons from other cases of divided cities, especially Belfast and Cyprus, to local activists in Jerusalem. This initiative equips activists from both sides with the knowledge and tools needed to reach a stable consensus. 

Building Visions for Jerusalem

In this project, IPCRI aims to engage local communities in participatory processes that will illuminate their current interlinks and point to potential areas of agreement for the future. In partnership with the Hebrew University, we are mapping local needs and are developing working groups for creating local interventions. Among these interventions are placemaking projects and projects focused on empowering women and their presence in public spaces. 

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