JEMS was created as a partnership between the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI), a joint Palestinian-Israeli public policy think-tank devoted to developing practical solutions to the Middle East conflict, and the Consensus Building Institute (CBI), a non-profit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, that provides mediation and dispute system design services to public and private clients worldwide. 

Professor Larry Susskind, Director of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program at Harvard Law School and President and Founder of CBI, is taking a lead role in the development of JEMS. Professor Susskind is one of the most experienced public and environmental dispute mediators in the United States and also a leading researcher, writer, and trainer in the dispute resolution field. He has mediated more than fifty complex multi-party disputes worldwide related to the siting of controversial facilities, the establishment of public health and safety standards, the formulation and implementation of development plans and projects, and conflicts among racial and ethnic groups.

The JEMS initiative has the approval of the Israeli and Palestinian Ministries of the Environment. The project's main funding is being provided by the Scandinavian V. Kann-Rasmussen Foundation.

Distinguished Israeli and Palestinian environmental activists and professionals are taking an active part in the project. 

The Board of Trustees: 

Dror Amir, Deputy Director General - Infrastructure and Development, Jaffa 
Dr. Gershon Baskin, Co-Director of IPCRI 
Professor Sari Nusseibeh, President of Al-Quds University 
Dr. Zakaria Al-Qaq, Co-Director of IPCRI 
Professor Hillel Shuval, Environmental Sciences of Hebrew University 
Hanna Siniora, Chairman of Palestinian Chamber of Commerce 
Professor Lawrence Susskind, President of Consensus Building Institute 

The Board of Advisors: 

Dr. Muhammad Ajjour, Director General of Ministry of Environmental Affairs 
Akram Awawdeh, Director General of Ministry of Transportation 
Dr. Shmuel Brenner, Head of National Institute for Occupational and Environmental Health 
Valerie Brachya, Senior Deputy Director General; Israeli Ministry of Environment 
Gideon Bromberg, Director of Friends of the Earth - Middle East
Khulud Dajani, Associate Dean of School of Public Health of Al-Quds University 
Hassan Dweik, Dean, School of Science of Al-Quds University 
Noam Gressler, Senior Partner in ASSIF-Strategies 
Yolla Haddaden, Deputy Director of DPK Consulting International 
Dr. Mohammad Said Al-Hmaidi, Advisor to Minister of Environmental Affairs 
Professor Dafna Izraeli, Director of Gender Studies of Bar-Ilan University
Nadar Al-Khateeb, Director of WEDO
Dr. Yossi Leshem, Faculty of Life Science of Tel Aviv University v
Dr. Uri Marinov, Senior Environmental Consultant 
Dr. Arieh Nesher, Director of Porter Environmental Center of Tel Aviv University 
Dr. Peretz Segal, Director of National Center for Mediation and Conflict Resolution of Ministry  of Justice
Dr. Alon Tal, Chairman of Life and Environment 

The Management Team: 

Ronnie Cohen-Ginat, Israeli Co-Director 
Amjad Jaouni, Palestinian Co-Director 
Michèle Ferenz, CBI Senior Associate 
Robin Twite, Director, Environmental Programs, IPCRI