Five years of intifada - look back, looking forward (2005)

A new Israeli-Palestinian public peace campaign should be launched by activists on both sides working together. But we must also recognize that given the very real limitations of the leaders of both sides to lead, this process will take a very long time. Therefore, we must also consider the possibility of more limited measures that could help put us back on course.


The Available vs. the Desirable in Post-Election Palestinian-Israeli Relationship (2005)

Authors: Gershon Baskin, Hanna Siniora, Yossi Ben Ari, Khaled Duzdar

On December 16-17, 2005, a joint Palestinian-Israeli group of experts, researchers, NGO leaders, peace movements activists, media people, current government officials and past military officers, convened at the Jericho Intercontinental Hotel. The main goal of the meeting was to explore the issue of the urgency of the "two state solution" in order to advocate it to both politicians and publics, as well as within the international community.