A Citizens Based Road Map to a Permanent Two State Solution

The issues concerning the future of Israel and Palestine are too complex and too important to be left only in the hands of the politicians. It is time for the Israeli and Palestinian civil society to make its voices heard. It is time for us to stand up and do our parts in making the Road Map Process succeed. While it is clear that the Road Map has many flaws, it is equally true that this may be our last opportunity for a long time to help make peace become a reality. So with that in mind, the following is a guideline for Israeli-Palestinian civil society actions and roles that should be implemented as soon as possible.


A Comprehensive Approach to the Current Crisis

It has been said that wars create opportunities for political changes. The current Middle East crisis should be used by decisions makers to create opportunities to bring the region into a new era of regional and bilateral negotiations aimed at dealing with the Israeli-Arab conflict in a comprehensive fashion. Here are IPCRI’s suggestions of steps that could lead to a peaceful and workable solution to the current wars or aggression between Israel and Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine.


Desalination – the Solution to Water Scarcity in Israel, Jordan and Palestine?

Water scarcity is recognized as a major threat to the future of Israel, Jordan and Palestine. It has long been appreciated that desalination of sea water represents a possible solution to the water problems of the three countries. This Fact Sheet sets out the basic facts about desalination in the region and attempts to assess the pros and cons of its use on a large scale.