IPCRI involves Jewish and Arab/Palestinian teenagers from mixed areas in Israel in a process of developing joint community projects that improve shared citizenship.

What is Young Leaders - Partners for Change

This USAID-funded project works in mixed Jewish and Arab/Palestinian cities and areas in Israel. These are mixed but segregated cities and areas that face many challenges for the Jewish majority and the Arab/Palestinian minority. By bringing together young people from both communities this project creates a Partnership for Change led by youth. The participants are involved in a process in which they reflect on their identity and the situation within their city, learn to understand the experiences and circumstances of "the other" and engage in hands-on community development work that improves the communities in which they live.

This project wants to achieve mutual recognition and joint social action that promote a sense of shared citizenship, justice and equality. By approaching the improvement of the city as a shared project, a shared responsibility, the participating youth can counter the trends of segregation and alienation.

Where we stand now

The project ended in December 2013 and had over 300 teenager participants. The community projects included a song competition in Jaffa and a joint community center in Ramle-Lod. On December 30th, IPCRI, USAID and Bull Productions premiered a documentary filming the transformation of the participants. For more information about this project please visit the website dedicated to the project: click here or on the facebook page