The State Of Gaza

Gaza City, Gaza”

Is the two state solution dead? I don't think so, but the conversation is being radically transformed into one that no longer accepts the binary "two states or bust" paradigm and begins to imagine - or live - alternatives.

I spoke to young people, officials and activists in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza over the last two weeks. I was surprised at what I heard.


IPCRI Achievements

1980s First ever Palestinian-Israeli working groups
1990s Palestinian-Israeli working group on security credited by Yitzhak Rabin for opening the Oslo track

Development of the ‘two capitals in Jerusalem’ idea that is held until today

Engagement of hundreds Israeli and Palestinian environmentalists in a 3 year ‘our shared environment’ program

Law & Development program enlisted by the World Bank and IMF
2000s 10-year peace education program that developed curricula and trained hundreds of teachers

Training of Palestinian farmers as certified exporters to the EU

Widely used research on Palestinian and Israeli text books

International conference on regional water issues involving 200 experts
2010s Back channel negotiations between the Israeli government and Hamas that ended with the release of Gilad Shalit and Palestinian prisoners

Involvement of over 350 Jewish and Arab/Palestinian youths in designing joint community projects within Israel.