Peace Advocacy Fellowship

Effective advocacy is instrumental to the accomplishment of any policy program. And yet, peace organization today have virtually no presence in Israeli policymaking discourses. Among the 185 lobbies currently active in the Knesset, only one, the recently established Women's Lobby for Peace and Security, works on promoting peace. As a result, there is a marked disconnect between government policy in relation to the Palestinians and the tangible needs on the ground that present opportunities for building security, trust, and peace in the region.

In order to ameliorate this problem, IPCRI is launching a new Peace Advocacy Fellowship for Israeli activists. Through the fellowship, they will be connected with other fellows working for peace, as well as with Palestinian civil society organizations. They will also be given the tools to impact policy through effective advocacy by way of open events, mentorship, training, and publications. Fellows will graduate with the confidence and skills to more effectively promote their goals in the policy arena, as well as with an expanded network of both Israel and Palestinian peers that will allow for more effective and collaborative peace work.