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The Israel Palestine Center for Research produces innovative analysis and research on the political relations between the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, including recommendations for advancing the peace process. Much of the Center for Research’s analysis is produced using track two diplomacy: discrete, facilitated meetings between influential Israelis and Palestinians. The Center also relies on applied academic research and engages in joint research projects with local and international universities. Utilizing its extensive network of political contacts, the policy papers generated by the Center for Research reach the desks of the highest political echelons in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and in the international community. For more information on our work, please click on the links above.

The Center for Research was previously known as the Strategic Affairs Unit (SAU).

The Center for Research is currently under the direction of IPCRI’s co-CEO’s, Gershon Baskin and Hanna Siniora. Their biographical information can be found here.

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