Israel Palestine Center for Environment




The IPCRI Center for Environment, formerly the Environment and Water Program has been in existence since 1994. It aims to promote effective cooperation between Israeli and Palestinians concerned with the environment. It is IPCRI's conviction that by working together on practical concerns relating to environment and water representatives of the two communities can both help to save a threatened environment and improve their understanding of one another's concerns.

Over the years the Center for Environment has secured the active involvement of Israeli and Palestinian ministries and agencies, academics from all the major universities in both, Israel and Palestine, NGO representatives, and private business. In cooperation with individuals from all these elements in civil society it has undertaken research projects, organized a series of conferences and seminars, promoted environmental mediation, undertaken development work on the ground and put out a variety of publications.

The program since its inception has had support from, among others, USAID, the European Union, the German, Dutch, British, and Swedish governments, as well as from private foundations.

The director of the program, Robin Twite, was a career official in the British Council and has worked on environmental issues as director of the IPCRI Environment and Water Program for over a decade.

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