From Marginalization to Leadership

Female Entrepreneurs Leading Change

The project From Marginalization to Leadership addresses female empowerment, economic growth and cooperation in the Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurship sectors. The aim of the project is to comat gender inequality by equipping women with tools to develop their own business ideas, while also focusing on bridge-building between the Israeli and Palestininan participants. This is based on the belief that combining economic cooperation, women's empowerment and productive dialogue is a powerful recipe to resolve conflicts and promote a prosperous future. 

The program is made up of two parts. In the first part, women will take part in the Empowerment 101 workshops, where they will learn skills crucial for becoming leaders in their respective communities. The second part will focus on entrepreneurship, and women will learn how to build their own initiatives from the bottom up. Starting with an idea, the participants will undergo a course that teaches business and social entreprneurship and how to make every initiative a success.

IPCRI Research

The Occupation and the Patriarchy

An analysis of women's involvement in the peace processes in Israel and the West Bank

This paper examines how local peace and women’s organizations in Israel and the West Bank utilize UNSCR 1325 - which highlights issues surrounding women, violent conflict, and peacebuilding - and other complementary resolutions within their organizations and activities. It also describes the barriers these organizations face to increasing women’s participation at all levels of peace and human rights initiatives and provides recommendations based on local experiences for how local and international peace and women’s organizations can better integrate principles of UNSCR 1325+.