The IPCRI and the 2005 World Water Week in Stockholm 

(August 21 - 27 2005)


The Iraqi Minister of Water Dr. Abdul Latif Rashid was among speakers at a seminar on Water and Agriculture in the Middle East organized by IPCRI in cooperation with the Stockholm International Water Institute as part of the World Water Week from 20th to 26th August.

Thirty participants from six Middle Eastern countries attended the closed session of the seminar which took place on the first day of the Water Week- they included the chief planner of the Israeli Water Authority, Mo Provizor; Dr. Amjad Alliewi of the House for Water and Environment in Ramallah; Midhat Rende, Deputy Director General of the Department for Energy, Water and Environment at the Turkish Foreign Ministry; and Professor Muhammed Shatanawi of the University of Jordan in Amman.

Alan Nicol, Head of the Water Policy Program at the Overseas Development Institute in London, introduced the topics of the discussion which included agriculture and food security, the place of technology in improving water use, and the future for regional cooperation.

 On the second day of the seminar individual speakers addressed the issues involved problem and the results of the closed session were presented.  Besides the Minister from Iraq, speakers on the second day included Ruth Jacoby, the Director General of the International Development Division at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Professor Tony Allan of London University and the director of IPCRI, Dr. Gershon Baskin. Robin Twite, the Director of IPCRI's Water and Environment Department acted as chairman of the seminar.

A number of innovative ideas were brought forward during the seminar, such as proposals for more effective regional cooperation and sharing of data. The extent to which treated wastewater, the so-called gray water, can be used in agriculture, questions relating to the pricing of water for farmers, and the role of ”virtual water” were also discussed. A more detailed repost will be available on this site by the end of September 2005.

It is anticipated that IPCRI and SIWI, with the support of the Swedish Government and other sponsors of this seminar (among them UNESCO, the Greek Government, and the Global Water Partnership) will be able to continue and extend their effective cooperation in future years.