Verification Working Group

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1. The Tenet Plan

2. PM Sharon's Speech in Herzliyeh

3. The Latest Version of the Road Map and other Related Documents

4. Possible Tasks for Third Parties During Final Status - Gershon's piece

5. Matrix of Peacekeeping Ops in the Middle East (IPCRI)

6. List of Our Meeting Dates

7. Vertic Matrix

8. Security Cooperation Presentation (Kobi - powerpoint)

9. Was it or Not?  Kobi's word text

10. VERTIC Document on Peacekeeping Missions

11. Israel seeks 100 changes in Road Map

12. International Forces in an Israeli-Palestinian Agreement - article by Shlomo Brom

13. International Crisis Group End Game Plan (a long document)

14. Transcript of First meeting in Cyprus

15. The Clinton Parameters

16. Flip Charts First Meeting

17. Flip Charts Second Meeting

18. Peggy's Presentation on 3rd parties - powerpoint

19. Pearson document on Compliance

20. Pini's and Orit's presentation on Transitional Administration