Time for Peace

Israeli-Palestinian Campaign

December 2001

We, the people, Palestinians and Israelis, who seek peace and regret the deterioration in the situation which has led to a terrible loss of human life, grave suffering, and ongoing disregard of human rights.

We support a cessation of violence between the two peoples, a lifting of restrictions on Palestinian movement, and a return to negotiations, which will lead to the end of the occupation on the basis of UN Resolution 242.  We call for the immediate initiation of negotiations on the permanent status agreement, which should be based on the following principles:

  1. The adoption of a two state solution which guarantees the Israeli and Palestinian peoples the right to live in human dignity and security in their own independent states, along the 1967 boundaries. Israeli settlements will be removed from the Palestinian state.

  1. The city of Jerusalem will contain two capitals for two states.

  1. A just and equitable resolution to the Palestinian refugee issue will be reached.

We call on all Israelis and Palestinians who accept these principles to join in a campaign that will translate them into reality.

We invite the international community to support this campaign launched by the Israeli-Palestinian Coalition for Peace.