We need your support 

It is not our habit to use this web site for requesting your financial support and we wouldn’t be doing this if we really didn’t need it.

The new year has past and we find ourselves in a period of very intensive activity trying to re-launch contacts between the Israelis and Palestinians.  In all honesty, in the entire almost 13 year history of IPCRI, we cannot remember a period where we have been busier. The following is a sample of our activities just over the past 2 months:

We have begun three working groups:  Economics, Jerusalem, Water

Each group is composed of half Israelis and Palestinians.  All of the groups have officials and non-officials on both sides. The Economic group has established a steering committee and has a full work plan for research and sub-committees.  

The Jerusalem Working has also devised a work plan and an agenda for additional meetings.

The Water working group is mainly focused at this time on academics as some additional political work must be conducted by IPCRI to bring in the officials from the Palestinian and Israeli water authorities. 

1.     Economics Working Group:

a.      Meeting in Cadanabia Italy – October 17-20, 2001

b.     Meeting in Tantur – November 15, 2001

c.     Meeting in Istanbul – January 24-27, 2002

2.     Jerusalem Working Group Meeting

a.      Meeting in Cyprus – February 8-10, 2002

3.     Water Working Group

a.      Meeting in Antalya – February 14 – 17, 2002

In addition to this our Peace Education project is blossoming and expanding.  We have 71 new Palestinian teachers in the project this year from 11 new schools in the West Bank and East Jerusalem that have joined.  We have conducted intensive teacher training for all of them.  We also have about 35 new Israeli teachers in the program.  We conducted a 200 hour facilitators course for a group of 30 Israeli and Palestinian teachers.  We have begun student encounters for  the Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Jewish schools in the program, these are happening now almost every week.  This week 85 Israeli and Palestinian teachers are in Istanbul for a workshop on Peace Education. We are working on a pilot program for a virtual encounter between 2 pairs of Israeli and Palestinian classes.

Our Joint Environmental Mediation Service (JEMS) is also continuing. We recently had a 2 day training for our 30 Israeli and Palestinian environmental mediators.  We are working on two cases – one of them about to go to mediation.

In short, we are very busy and need more support once again.

Please help us, if you can with a contribution, large or small and please help direct us towards those who can provide major support for our efforts.


Contributions can be sent to:


PO Box 9321

Jerusalem 91092



(Contributions in the United States should be made out to: The Friends of IPCRI and sent to the Jerusalem PO Box.)


Thank you