Part 2: Please Complete this Form for Each P2P Activity
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General Data:

Activity Description:
(For office:) Type of Activity:
Date of Activity:
Amount of Grant:
Partner Organization:
Number of Participants by Nationality:

How and Why are the participants of the organization's programs/projects selected?

Is the selection of participants based on individual eligibility or is it a more universal or inclusive procedure?
What is the national/ethnic/religious background of participants in the organization's P2P programming?
How would these participants be classified according to age (i.e. youth, college students, adults etc.) and gender (M/F)?
What is the socio-economic (class) background of most of the participants?
Would these participants be characterized as representing social "elites" or grassroots?
How were the facilitators selected?
Were the facilitators members of or affiliated with the organization or were they contracted/recruited from outside the organization?
Were these facilitators/coordinators provided with any kind of special training for this purpose?
What was the national/ethnic/religious background of these facilitators/coordinators?
Was the facilitation/coordination performed by members of one or both nationalities?
What was the percentage of facilitators in terms of gender (men/women)?
Does the organization attach any significance to their gender?

Where was the activity conducted?

Was it in a "neutral" venue, a single uni-national setting, or alternating uni-national venues?
In which language was the activity conducted (Hebrew, Arabic, English or a mixture thereof)?
Describe the nature of the Israeli-Palestinian contact in this activity:
How many times did the participants meet?
How long was each meeting?
Was this a one time activity or an ongoing activity?
Who ran the activity?
Who initiated the activity?
Who planned the activity?
How would you evaluate the partnership at the organizational level?
Working with partners:
Did you work with partners on the other side?
How were the finances handled between the two sides?
What lessons did you learn with regard to working with partners?
What recommendations would you offer with regard to working with a partner organization?
General questions about this activity:
What was the purpose/aim of this activity?
Was the activity publicized in the media? Yes No
How, where, content?
What was the result of making use of the media?
Could you provide us with copies of your media exposure? Yes No
Did the activity have a multiplier effect? Yes No
Did your activity fit into a coherent peacemaking strategy? Yes No
Did people who participated in the activity maintain contact amongst themselves following the activity? Yes No
If yes, could you describe how this took place?
Do you believe that this activity contributed to peace, to mutual understanding, to the peace process? Yes No
What problems did you encounter?
Did your activity include people who were not part of the peace camp? Yes No
Was this a consideration? Yes No
How would you evaluate the results of this activity?
Did this activity achieve its goals? Yes No
What lessons did you learn from the activity?
Would this P2P programming be characterized as short or long term? Short Term Long Term
What would you differently if you did this a second time?
Would you repeat this project?
Would you recommend this project to another organization?
Do you have any other comments?
Are there questions we should have asked you?

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