The YES PM project is a collaborative evaluation of people-to-people projects since the start of the Oslo Accords. We are gathering information on P2P activities and the perspectives of those who organized them. The attached forms have questions that will cover different aspects of the P2P experience, from the general to the particular.

The interview begins with a collection of background information and then questions about P2P in general. The rest of the interview includes questions covering a specific P2P activity about: participants, facilitators, partner organizations, and an evaluation.

At the end of the study, we will produce a best-practices manual for P2P projects in various fields. This manual will be printed and available on the internet. The printed version will be distributed to P2P organizations and donors. All participating organizations will be included in the appendix of the manual.

Part 1: Enter Information About Your Organization
Part 2: Enter Information About Your P2P Activities

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