MAY 10, 2006, TANTUR

The Palestinian-Israeli Management of Shared Groundwater Aquifers: “Status, realities and lessons learned, Dr. Amjad Aliewi

Israeli-Palestinian Water Cooperation - Where Do We Go From Here, Prof. Hillel Shuval

From Conflict to Collective Action: Institutional Change and Management Options to Govern Trans-boundary Watercourses - Prof. Richard Laster



  1. Water Allocation for Nature and the 'End of Conflict' Era, by Tamar Achiron-Frumkin
  2. Water Legislation - Implications for Cooperative Water Management Strategies, by Alon Tal
  3. Health Effects Due to Poor Wastewater Treatments, by Amani Alfarra
  4. Salinization Processes in the Western Mountain Aquifer in Israel, by Amir Paster
  5. The Forecasted Climate Change in the Middle East, by Arie Issar
  6. Changes in Water Quality Along the Water Flow from the Recharge Area to the Confined Area, by Avi Burg
  7. The Past as Key for the Future: Lessons from history about mutual dependencies of land use, soil development, climatic change and settlement, by Bernhard Lucke
  8. A Future for the Dead Sea Basin: Options for a More Sustainable Water Management, by Clive Lipchin
  9. Water Demand Management as Governance Lessons from the Middle East and South Africa, by David Brooks
  10. Factors Relating to the Equitable Distribution of Water in Palestine and Israel, by David Phillips
  11. Water Supply and Sanitation for a Group of Villages in the Southern West Bank, by David Scarpa
  12. Water Supply and Sanitation for a Group of Villages in the Southern West Bank (additional text), by David Scarpa
  13. Wastewater Reuse as a Possible Solution to Drought Crisis, by Doron Lavee
  14. Drinking Water Quality Evaluation of Chloride and Nitrate Concentration of Wells Supplies in Gaza Governates (1990-2002) - Palestine, by Fayeq El Madhoun
  15. Water Management, Water Infrastructure, Water Negotiations, and Water Cooperation: The Use of the WAS Model, by Franklin Fisher
  16. The Impact of Global Warming and Non-Conventional Water Resources, by Hans Gunter Brauch
  17. The Palestinian Water Authority: Legal Developments and Challenges, by Hiba Husseini
  18. Manavgat River Water as a Limited but Alternative Water Resource for Domestic Use in the Middle East, by Ibrahim Gurer
  19. Economic Assessment of Impacts and Adaptability to Regional Climate Change Water and Agriculture, by Iddo Kan
  20. Possible Controls on the Spatiotemporal Chloride Distribution in the Coastal Aquifer of Israel, by Jeff Albert
  21. Technical and Economic Feasibility of Using Israeli Subsurface Drip Irrigation Technology for Growing Rice in Texas, by Jobaid Kabir
  22. Factors Affecting Availability of Natural Water Resources, by Joel Gat
  23. Urban Stormwater: Switching the Problem into a Resource, by Lior Asaf
  24. Adaptive Capacity and Livelihood Resilience in the Contest of Water Scarcity and Climactic Variability: Research Results from South Asia and Implications for the Middle East, by Marcus Moench
  25. Cooperation or Conflict: Fighting Over and Sharing Groundwater in Palestine and Israel, by Mark Zeitoun
  26. Effects of Lon-Term Effluent Irrigation on Chemical and Hydraulic Properties of Soils, by Meni Ben-Hur
  27. U.S. Sponsored Conflict Resolution Through Cooperation in the Water Sector, by Miriam Schafer
  28. Water Transfer from Turkey to Water-Stressed Countries in the Middle East, by Mithat Rende
  29. Scarcity Index for Evaluation of the Gaps of Shared Water Resources and the Vision and Scenarios Case Study: Palestine/Israel, by Mohamed Asheesh
  30. Feasibility Study for Cooperation in WWTP and Landfills for Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank, by Nitsan Levy
  31. Addressing the Dead Sea Basin Water Issues, by Rafi Benvenisti
  32. The Legal Framework of Groundwater Management in the Middle East, by Raya Marina Stephan
  33. Legal Governance of the Dead Sea - The Sound of One Hand Clapping, by Richard Laster
  34. Minimizing the Multi-National Water Conflicts in the Jordan River Basin by Shifting Cropping Patterns, by Said Assaf
  35. Water as a Human Right: The Understanding of Water in the Arab Countries of the Middle East - A Four Country Analysis, by Simone Klawitter
  36. International Aquifer Sharing with Unequal Access Costs: The Linked Game Theoretic Implications of 'Victim-Pays' Infeasibilities, by Sinaia Netanyahu
  37. Isotopic Composition of Groundwater Along the Jordan-Arava Rift Valley, by Stefan Geyer
  38. Beyond the Watershed: Avoiding the Dangers of Hydro-Centricity and Informing Water Policy, by Tony Allan
  39. Virtual Water Trade as a Policy Instrument for Achieving Water Security in Palestine, by Yasser Nasser
  40. The Impact of Desalination: Israel and the Palestinian Authority, by Yosef Dreizin
  41. Development and Management in Israel and the Region, by Yosef Dreizin
  42. The Karstic Flow System in Uja Area - West Bank: An Example of Two Separate Flow Systems in the Same Area, by Yossi Guttman
  43. A Sleeping Time Bomb: Pollution of the Mountain Aquifer by Sewage, by Zack Tagar
  44. Islam, Water Conservation and Public Awareness Campaigns, by Francesca Gilli
  45. Groundwater-Vulnerability and Hazard Mapping in Jordan: Comparison of the Use of Different Passive Sensors, by Heike Wertz
  46. Scenario Development for 2050 for the Israeli-Palestinian Water Sector, by Jonathan Chenoweth
  47. Wastewater Management and Reuse in Jordan, by Luna Al-Hadidi
  48. Challenges for Sustainable Development in the Dead Sea Basin, by Munqeth Mahyar
  49. Groundwater Management in a Hydro-Economic Commons: Application to Israel and the West Bank, by Nir Becker
  50. The Role of Supplementary Irrigation for Food Production in a Semi Arid Country - Palestine, by Yousef Sbeih
  51. GLOWA Jordan River Project Integrative Science for Sustainable Water Management, by Holger Hoff
  52. Formulating a Reggional Policy for the Future of the Dead Sea and the Dead Sea Peace Conduit by Ittai Gavrielli
  53. Transiting "Emergency Response Coordination" to "Protection": The Role and Activities of the Emergency Water and Sanitation-Health (EWASH) Committee, by Geoff Graves

  54.  The legal framework of groundwater management in the Middle East, Raya M. Stephens