Aloni Ishai  [email protected] 054 9798292  Tel Aviv AKIM Tel Aviv   
Auerbach Illy [email protected] 05 02192902 Kiryat Tivon Peace it Together student
Azvid Yehuda [email protected] 5472000230 Rishon LeZion   computers
Boskovich Alex  [email protected] 03 624-0319 Tel Aviv Peace it Together student
Brand Galia [email protected] 04-9536152; 054-5953617 Dganiot 33 tivon    
Chamelnick Avner [email protected] 04-8370745 Haifa Peace it Together student
Cohen Chaim [email protected]   Jerusalem   Human Rights Activist
Dukarevich Sophy [email protected] 03 9213470;  Petah Tikva “Butterfly works ”, “Green course “, “Shakuuf”  Independent media  & coordinator
El Raz Ruti [email protected] 26716132 Jerusalem Counceling Center for Women Social worker
Eyal Roni   523777060 Tel Aviv Beatzmi Organization teacher
Ferrero Eva [email protected] 525323313 Jerusalem unemployed social worker/ teacher
Fink Dan [email protected] 545319488 Kibbutz Bet HaShita Tarbbut Movment Education- youth gaud
Gabay Uta [email protected] 077-9610510; 054-5722794 Jerusalem Hechal Centre for Universal Spirituality psychotherapist, meditation teacher
Ginossas- Zakay     Varda [email protected] 04-6515719; 052-3247108 P.O.Box  83  Givat Ella 36570 Psychotherapist and couple therapist  private practice
Goldstein Avi [email protected]    Jerusalem Peace it Together student
Gorfinkel Bat-Shakhar [email protected] 0543-550105 Tel Aviv   editor 
Gross Michal [email protected] 545503836 Jerusalem   student
Haimovich Orly [email protected] 054-3394247 Hapalmah 32/7   BA communications, MA Middle Eastern Studies
Harari Nicole [email protected] 054 487 1950  Tel Aviv  University of Berne, Switzerland researcher
Hayek Janet [email protected] 046651872/ 0544485775 Jaffa    
Iskander  Chresteen [email protected] 046559244; 0544943258 Nazareth Mental helth clinic om alfahem social worker
Jadfi Stephanie [email protected] 542632858 Jerusalem IPSO public health
Kamir Dror [email protected] 054-5646753 Holon   Linguist 
Kerem Helene [email protected] 0522550408; 026769183 Jerusalem   retired biologist and actual teacher of meditation
Khen May [email protected] 052 5212991 Karmiel Peace it Together student
Kremer Ela [email protected]  052 650 59 77 Rachel Immenu
MASA MA in social sciences
Kronish Ron [email protected] 5611899; 0507716989 Jerusalem ICCI Rabbi/ Educator
Lapidot Shira [email protected] 0506-974493 Hedera   social worker
Leifer  Tom [email protected] 08 6809636 Kibbutz Kfar Aza Peace it Together student
Levinger Sara [email protected] 502050553 Jerusalem sde boker  student
Lewis Danny [email protected] 052 6492140; 077 414 0029 Kibbutz Tzora Israeli Center for Mind-Body Medicine and ENOSH - mental health NGO Mind-body therapist , group facilitator, community mental health worker
Lila Erez [email protected] 077-8833393; 054-4549149 Tel Aviv Netwise Content manager
Litmanovitz Yael [email protected] 035184019/ 0542263990 Yaffo Amnesty Education 
Maoz Ifat  [email protected] 0505623191/ 02-5662321 Jerusalem Hebrew University of Jerusalem  University professor 
Matchen Amy [email protected] 03-958-0502; 054-310-9995 Rishon LeZion Common Purpose International Marketing Strategy
Melamed Lemuel [email protected] 545721257 RAMAT-GAN B.A.A international Investment company economist
Newman David [email protected] 546324153 Beer Sheva Department of Politics and Government, Ben Gurion University University professor
Novak Shawna [email protected] 050-484 1836 Tel Aviv  Doctor, Director (Cisepo Young Professionals Network)- Peace through Health NGO  
Peretz Ohad [email protected] 050 633 48 57 Sderot   educator; musician 
Pinner Dina [email protected] (02) 673 0852; 052 881 4823 Jerusalem Freelance Teacher, Life Coach 
Rabinowitz Lirun [email protected] 542688530 Yaffo    
Ravid Ofek [email protected] 09 9528935 Kibbutz Glil Yam Peace it Together student
Raviv Eyal [email protected] 077-788-2828; 052-688-2828 Tel Aviv  
Raz Lotahn [email protected] 052-3257242 Jerusalem Greenpeace Mediterranean Greenpeace Finance Officer
Ron Reut [email protected] 04-6545493; 0524696813 HaKitzanit 51 Migdal HaEmek The Kibbutz Institute for Festivals and Holidays Adults Education
Ronnen Sttani [email protected] 543216181 Tel Aviv Middle East Bulletin student
Rosenberg Uri [email protected] 052-6178121 Tel Aviv Netwise Project Manager
Rosenberg Yuval [email protected] 506725877 Haifa    
Sasson Itay [email protected] 02 5855197 Jerusalem Peace it Together student
Schwartz Miriam [email protected] 026412777; 0547359835 Beer Sheva Ben Gurion University  student
Shaked Gal [email protected] 03-9102200 Rosh Haayin Peace it Together student
Sharon Noam [email protected] 20482093 Jerusalem   journalist
Shochat  Ilana [email protected] 077 4007027; 050 6265019 Jerusalem Trust-Emun  
Tohar Gil [email protected] 08-6513439  Lehavim Peace it Together student
Warshaw-Dadon Rahel [email protected] (054) 5643468 Jerusalem   Reiki Master
Yeshua-Lyth Ofra [email protected] 505524372      
Zalt Tsila   522212993      
Total number: 57            
Abed Allah Itmazh [email protected] 058911337/ 022293755 Hebron – IDNA Center for Mental Health social worker
Abu Abarah Mirna [email protected] 02-2770681 Beit Jala Peace it Together student
Abu Arqoub Moad [email protected] 598900840 Rammlah Ministry of Higher Education/ Rammlah Administrative officer
Abu Ayash Ibrahim [email protected] 599380412 Bet Ummar  Sales  
Abu Ayash Ibrahim [email protected] 599380412 Bet Ummar  Sales  
Abu Ayash Imad [email protected] 599277179 Al roob   Teacher
Abu Eid Ibrahim [email protected] 546591241      
Abu Esheh  Nuha [email protected] 599089223 Bethlehem Girls care home administrative
Abu Hassan Imad [email protected] 0599-523215 Yatta  Hebron   free work
Abu Hmaid Rashad [email protected] 599352058/ 2 2270663  Yatta – Hebron  Nrsan center executive directo
Abu Libdeh Abeer [email protected] 0599134132; 0545512754 Jerusalem    
Abu Maria  Mohammed [email protected] 05 99362632 Beit  Omar Peace it Together student
Abu Rass Arafat [email protected] 0542103135; 022405641 Nablus Ministry of Social Affairs  
Abu Sabha Hatem [email protected] 0599-126292 Yatta  Hebron   free work
Abu Zahra Omer [email protected] 0599-122657 Yatta  Hebron   free work
Abuayash Amal [email protected] 522422936 Bet Ummar Bet Ummar Municipality Civil Engineer
Abuhamdia Aya [email protected] 05 98169488 Ramallah Peace it Together student
AbuZayyad  Hiba [email protected] 02-2799657; 059 9559 581 Eizareyeh Central Labs; Ministry of Health Lab technician
Al Helou Ahmed [email protected] 0524778119 / 0599830979 Jericho Jericho PLC Office  Office Manager
Al Khaldi Afaf [email protected]; [email protected] 0599/884413; 08 - 2562373 Al Nussirat Camp Palestine save the Children Program Manager
Al Rajbe Mahmod [email protected] 0599/234639/ 02/2291380  Hebron Al_Mahawer Charitable Society Al-Mahawer
Al Sadi Ahmad [email protected] 599099099 Faqua Birzeit Universoty student
Al Sadi Nader [email protected] 0599288540; 04 2501464 Jenin Hittin Secondary Boys' school Teacher
Albatran Fadel [email protected] 599295883 Idna Idna Medical Labs Owner, peace activist
Al-Harithi Osama [email protected] 59395084 Idna Abu Dis University student
Alhirbawi Isam [email protected] 599787237 Hebron Alwaha for computer and internet  
Al-hruosh Mufeed [email protected] 0599-523215 Yatta Hebron   free work
Almadhoun Khaled [email protected] 599677540 (hebron) - Ramallah PNA - Police HQ (retired)  
Alseekh Nidal [email protected] 598175700 Dura-Hebron Dura School for girls Principle
Altamari Amjad [email protected] 0598048331/ 02-2265811 Aldaherai - hebron Alquds open university  student
Alzyoud Mo'min [email protected] 42445827/ 0599352827 Jenin Sealt Alharithia secondary school Teacher
Amara Amara [email protected] 599644663     student
Anati Nada [email protected] 02 5828214 Shu’afat Refugee Camp, Jerusalem  Peace it Together student
Atomize Awad   506704517 Idna   Dealer
Awad Bassam [email protected] 599662671 Idna   Electric engineer, peace activist
Awad Feras [email protected] 599167971 Hebron – IDNA  PRCS  /Hebron Emergency center  Paramedic / Ambulance staff leader
Awad Ramzee [email protected] 599459876 Bet Ummar    Teacher 
Awwad Awadallah [email protected] 599099099 Ramallah Birzeit Student
Awwad Rawan [email protected] 02-5851868; 052-5988366 Jerusalem Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem Genetic Counselor
Ayash  Amjd [email protected] 599251710 Jenin   Judge
Azam Najah [email protected] 599089939 Jalazon Camp    
Bali Adnan [email protected] 546619886 Jericho    
Bishara Hana [email protected] 09 7936 090 Tira Peace it Together student
Bohase Imad [email protected] 598-997688 Yatta  Hebron   free work
Bregeet Waseem [email protected] 522258400   Worker  
Da'na Sameeh [email protected] 0599/256688/ 02/2291380 Hebron Al_Mahawer Charitable Society NGO president
Daqa Abdallah [email protected] 59802066 Beit Sahour Director of Milano company for Aluminum(Palestinian – Israeli- Italian products)  
Dwikat  Ahmed [email protected] 599261801 Nablus    
Ebaido Rawan [email protected] 022259803/ 0599876853 Hebron Alquds open universty student
Eyad Khalileyah  [email protected] 0599 07 07 90/ 04 2450475 Jabaa - Jenin Ministry of Education - Jenin special education Teacher
Farajallah Abdelhaleem [email protected] 599215297 Idna   peace activist
Farajallah Ahmed [email protected] 599870324 Idna Abu Dis University student
Farajallah Jivafa [email protected] 599212519 Idna   Manager, peace activist
Fayed Ahmad [email protected] 0599 135585 Jenin Karama Boys School English Teacher
Frehat Rabii [email protected] 0522 330 242/ 04 2450475 Yamoun - Jenin Ministry of Education History Teacher
Ghabboun Samer [email protected] 0598-911671; 02-2750659 Bethlehem Bethlehem _/ hope flowers school  Project coordinator 
Ghrof Rawan  [email protected] 547823405 Jericho    
Habboub Salah [email protected] 599229894 Ramallah    
Haddad Jalal [email protected] 598749759 Jericho   student
Hamarsheh Abdelrahman [email protected] 0599735454; 0522037199 Ramallah - Jenin Birzeit Universoty Vice Manager of Information Technology Dept, Institute of Law
Hammuri Hawlah [email protected] 02-2227617 Hebron   Instructress
Hammuri Heaam [email protected] 02-2227617 Hebron   Instructress
Hamzeh Hiba [email protected] 599 380 535/ 02 2254 518 Hebron   Bani Naim Charitable Society Program Officer
Hassouna Baha’ [email protected] 599876853/ 022259803 Hebron Alqouds open universty Accountant
Hassouna Motasem [email protected] 0598171819/ 022259796 Hebron Alquds open universty  student
Hayek Sanaa [email protected] 046551872/ 0546677897 Jafa student of counceling in beit berl college   
Hazboun Ibrahim [email protected] 547825100 Jerusalem   Journalist/Student
Hussain Abedallah [email protected] 04 2445 407/ 0599 374626 / 0522633683 Taenik - Jenin Najib AL Ahmed Secondary Boys' School/ Rommaneh Teacher
Hussain Basma [email protected] 04 2445 407/ 0599 844940   Taenik - Jenin Aneen Basic and Secondary girls' School- Aneen Teacher
Ikhlayel Jaber [email protected] 522422936 Bet Ummar   Worker
Imrash Khalid [email protected] 599303095 Hebron   Manager
Iscafe Mohamad [email protected] 598909844   Accountant  
Jaabari  Mahmoud [email protected] 854261666 Peace it Together student  
Kassem Mohammad   599787606 Ramallah Birzeit Student
Katbeh Samera [email protected] 599758597 Hebron Women's Association Secretary
Khalaf Adnan [email protected] 598994059 Ramallah Tulip Financial Investment Company  General Manager
Khatib Ahmed [email protected] 599366288 Hezma    
Khatib Sulaiman [email protected] 599678819 Ramallah    
Madhon Khaled [email protected] 599677540 Hebron    
Mahareq Mohammad [email protected] 0599734260; 022269150 Al- samou_Hebron Assistant of fateh bloc in (PLC)   
Mansour Ali [email protected]; [email protected] 0598/883060; 08 - 2551395 Al Magahzi Camp Palestine Save the Children  President
Mansour Shadi       Peace it Together  
Mousa Jamal  [email protected] 599559432 Jericho    
Mujahed Omaya [email protected] 599372866 Hebron   Merchant
Mujahed  Fares [email protected] 02-2212320; 0599-888865 Hebron The Palestinian Mineral Lube Oil Company / PETROPAL General Manager
Muqbel Jamal [email protected] 02 2521498/ 0522422936 Biet Ommar   Barber
Nasredeen Sawsan [email protected] 2232840/ 0599592922 Hebron Women's Association Director
Nazer Nedal [email protected] 599559068 Hebron   Lawyer
Noufal  Muwaffaq [email protected] 0599 584247 Idna-Hebron UNRWA Manager
Qawasmeh Rabeeha [email protected] 0598-900748; 02-2290229 Hebron The Palestinian Mineral Lube Oil Company / PETROPAL Public Relations Officer
Qazzaz Mohammed [email protected] 05 59644732 Ramallah Peace it Together student
Ramaha Nazeeh [email protected] 598154019 AL-jalazon   Policeman
Rezeq Ahmed [email protected] 599179479 Hezma     
Safi Sami [email protected] 599731110 Jericho    
Sarawi Ashraf [email protected] 599044673 Nablus Al-Najah Univesity student
Sarawi Ra'ed [email protected] 598231438 Nablus Al-Najah Univesity student
Seder Faredeh [email protected] 02-2258187 Hebron   Instructress
Seder Fedaa [email protected] 2213974-02/ 02-2213974 Hebron   Instructress
Seder Hanadi [email protected] 0599844951/ 0599844951 Hebron   Instructress
Seder Marwan [email protected] 599340268 Hebron Accountant  
Seek Nedal   2282477/ 0598175700 Hebron school  
Sharawi Fawaz [email protected] 0599-389493/ 02-2258895 Qazazin –Old City International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Field Officer  
Sleimyyeh Ramy [email protected] 599277624 Hebron-Idna General Authority of civil affairs Assistant administrative and financial and Liason Officer
Sultan Bahaa [email protected]  0599-279841 Hebron  -  Beit Einoun Palestinian Center for Media Research and Development Photographer
Tahayni Abd alsalam [email protected] 522210388 Jenin   Teacher
Takrouri Mohmmed [email protected] 599988350 Hebron   Retired
Tamayzeh Hasan [email protected] 599774089 Idna Idna Secondary School Teacher
Tarabiya Hanin [email protected] 050-848732 Jerusalem Joint Israel, the old city of Jerusalem facilitator 
Temiza Imad [email protected] 0599479661/ 022256163 Hebron – IDNA Alqods open University Student
Tomaza Awad [email protected] 998203459   Contractor - PPS Activist  
Tomeza Jamal [email protected] 599250375 Idna Birzeit Universoty Lecturer, peace activist
Tomeza Maysoon [email protected] 599770929 Idna Women for peace Head of the NGO
Tomeza Wajeeh [email protected] 599363492 Idna Private Sector owner of a workshop, peace activist
Wari Mohammad [email protected] 522384509 Jerusalem   Student
Za'aqeeq Arafat [email protected] 599434356 Bet Ummar &Halhool   Clerk transactions
Za'aqeeq Mosa [email protected] 5459876 Biet Ommar Postal Officer   
Zyoud Amal [email protected] 04 2445 382/ 0599 391179 Jenin Aneen Basic and Secondary girls' School- Aneen Teacher
Zyoud Hammam [email protected] 0599 54 00 12/ 04 2445 382 Selat Al Harithiyah Najib Al Ahmed secondary Boys' School / Rommaneh  Teacher
Zyoud Suha [email protected] 0598 152909/ 04 2445 862 Jenin S. El harithyah Girls School Teacher
Total number: 119            
Belitsos Elena [email protected] 4109677365 USA   finance
Denker Silke [email protected] 054-307 4690 Germany   Research fellow
Golden Ris [email protected] 052-604-2293 USA Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies Educator, Student
Houssian Amber [email protected] 05444 20718 Canada Peace it Together Regional Co-Director 
Klasmann Jaan Karl [email protected] 4313101075 Austria   phychospiritual coach
Klostermann Marian [email protected] 1-402-731-2910; 0795351885 USA Alternatives to Violence Project Facilitator   
Kobayashi    Wakako [email protected] 02-6287167; 054-3062548 Japan   NGO staff
Krieger Yael [email protected] 052-653-8096 USA Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies Educator, Student
Laurance Judith [email protected] 02532 7842 UK   writer 
Leffler Elliot [email protected] 052 606 8373 USA Dorot Fellow Theatre Artist
Malicbegovic Lida [email protected] oo38761 447 123 Bosna I Hecegovina   student
Riley Esther [email protected] 415-721-0703 USA   former educator and freelance writer-editor
Samowitz Jessie [email protected] 1-402-453-1223; 0795351885  USA Mercy Housing in Omaha social work, Alternatives to Violence Project
Schechter PB [email protected] (303) 320-0778 USA State of Colorado/Colorado Agency for Jewish Education Community High School Utility Consumer Advocate/Teacher
Sommer Undine [email protected] 527513048 Germany Peres Center for Peace volunteer
Spitka Timea [email protected] 026738026; 054 678 3428 Canada Ben Gurion University Lecturer – Mediation/Conflict Resolution
Terner Steven [email protected]   USA   Student
Tsiarta Maria [email protected] 526473698 Cyprus   Intern
Vaughan-Cherobin Michael [email protected] 526327109   Peace Players International operations manager
Vaughn Latonya [email protected] 542461826 USA BEN GURION UNIVERSITY OF THE NEGEV  Student
Wilson Elizabeth [email protected] 052-604-2443 USA Ben-Gurion University student
Wistrom Oyvind [email protected] 47 33074232 Norway Vestfold University College, Fac. Of Education, Norway Associate Professor
Younes Julie [email protected] 527502423 USA Peace Players International program director