Aisic Lian [email protected] 052-8275100  Kiryat Tivon  Unemployed  
Barr Shiri [email protected]  054-631317 Jerusalem freelance  
Baskin Elisha [email protected] 052-8314473 Tel Aviv  Amnesty International   
Ben giat Rona [email protected] 052-2698991 Jerusalem Ziv High school teacher
Ben-david             Yael [email protected] 050-7370622 Tel-aviv  Shatil Organizational consultant
Ben-Nun Merav [email protected] 052-7460580 Haifa, Israel New York University Student
Cohen Chaim [email protected] 052-3357129 Jerusalem Rabbis for human rights/Peacechannels human rights and peace activist
Diamond  Noa [email protected] 052-4642895 Jerusalem Hebrew University Hebrew teacher, Law student
El-Raz Ruthy   052-4849963 Jerusalem CCW therapist
Ferrero Eva [email protected] ; [email protected]  02-5833291; 052-5323313 Jerusalem teacher/social worker/archivist  none at the moment
Gabay Uta [email protected] 077-9610510 Jerusalem Hechal, Jerusalem Centre for Universal Spirituality Psychotherapist and meditation teacher
Getzler Yoram  [email protected] (02) 64 34 830            Jerusalem   retired
Gross Esti [email protected] 050-5793662 Beit Shemesh Ministry of education school canceller 
Harari Nicole [email protected] 054 487 19 50 Tel Aviv  Friends of the Earth Middle East, Tel Aviv office Israeli Coordinator Good Water Neighbors Project
Hendin Keren [email protected] 054-3063606   Search for Common Ground Program Associate
Horowitz Jake [email protected] 9145272864      
Kahanoff Maya [email protected] 02 5666935 Jerusalem Swiss center for conflict Research and Resolution, Hebrew University, Jerusalem teaching , research and evaluation in the field of dialogue and peace building
Katz John [email protected]   Rishon LeTzion   Journalist 
Kenny Gadi [email protected] 050-5513514      
Kerem Helene [email protected] 052-2550408 Jerusalem retired  
Kremer Ela [email protected] 052 650 59 77 Jerusalem sociologist, website content provider and French teacher  
Kurz Micha [email protected]   US Educational Solutions  
Laness  Sherry [email protected] 0523-440-400 6/8 Hapardess Street, Kfar Sava, 44258 freelance workshop facilitator and coach
Langer-Gal     Anat [email protected] 054-7999522   Just Vision Educational and Community Outreach Coordinator for Israel
Laurance Judith [email protected] 054-6689253 Jerusalem   not employed currently
Lourenço Susan [email protected] 054 578 3588 Tel Aviv   social psychologist
Loyter Orit [email protected] 077-9610510 Jerusalem Shaked Waldorf School teacher
McLean Eliyahu [email protected] 050-569-1697 Jerusalem Jerusalem Peacemakers Director, NGO
Melamed Lemuel [email protected] 054-5721257   mepeace, 1+1 Association of Immigrant Youth peacemaker and educator
Mendelsohn Jitzhak [email protected] 050-6973510 Jerusalem   psychologist
Moray  Sarit   050-6284204 Jerusalem National Insurance Institute social worker
Paz Yehudah [email protected] 054-7917918   Negev Istitute for Strategies of Peace and Development chairperson
Perlman Ronny [email protected] 050-5663093 Jerusalem CCW therapist
Polivy Rebecca [email protected] 054-3063606   Search for Common Groun Program Associate
Rabinowitz Lirun London [email protected] 054-5428506 Jaffoo   lawyer
Raviv Eyal [email protected] 052-688-2828 Tel Aviv  
Rozenman Elana [email protected] 052-286-1779 Jerusalem TRUST-Emun, Jerusalem Executive Director
Salomon Gavriel   054-756-2337 Haifa Eal Kassami College; Haifa  Professor
Sauer Lauren [email protected] 052-700-5873 Jerusalem Jerusalem Stories Intern
Segoly Roni [email protected]       Engineer
Shapira Yael [email protected] 052-866-8789 Jerusalem TRUST-Emun, Jerusalem Assistant Director
Sheleff Rinah [email protected] 050-8550028     stotyteller and voice movement therapist
Shilo David          
Spielberg Warren [email protected]     Peace now  
Tal Dafna [email protected] 02-5701702                   Nataf, Israel Freelance + self employed project manager/journalist/photographer
Talya Michal [email protected] 052-3404107 20 Hacharuv St.  Moshav Aminadav   Psychologist, peaceworker
van West Evelien [email protected] 077-9101006 Jerusalem   social work, dance therapy
Vendriger Yoni [email protected] 0544-630758      
Wahle Yair [email protected] 054-9798193 Kibutz Yotrata    
Waldbaum Lisa [email protected]   Jerusalem Raanana Dance Centre, East Jerusalem Yoga and Dance Teacher
Warshaw-Dadon Rahel [email protected] (054) 5643468 Jerusalem Reiki Master  
Weiss Zucker Ruth [email protected] 0523-530318   "Ashalim"  J.D.C.  Program Coordinator
Yehezkely Chen [email protected] 052-3868071 Levi Eshkol 37, Herzlia, 46745 Beit Berl and Levinsky Academic colleges Philosopher
Yehezkely Sivan [email protected]        
Yonai Revital [email protected] 052-8322962 POB 28 Eyn-Ha'emek  19250 "Friendship Village" Psychotherapist & dialogue-groups facilitator
Zaidenwerg Ana Laura [email protected] 054-219-3445 Jerusalem KKL Layer
Zecharya Bar [email protected] 054-5486775 Italy Università La Sapienza, Rome Italy PhD Student
Abed al Raziq Anas [email protected],   [email protected]   059-8080282, 09-2574538 Jenien Hulul for Business Solution-PALTEL  Accounting consultant 
AboAsad Asad  [email protected] 0599 291 699 Idna - Hebron   Accountant
Abu Eid Ra'ed [email protected] 059-9278871 Yatta    
Abu Hasan Imad [email protected] 0599-523215 Yatta  Hebron free work Executive Director 
Abu Hmaid Rashad [email protected] 059-9352058 Yatta, Hebron Nrsan Center scouts’ guide
Abu Karash Ayham [email protected] 059-9341956     02-2904469 Ramallah    
Abu Mudallala Rahma [email protected]  0599 - 448200 Jabalia Palestinian association for education & environmental protection Projects Coordinator 
Abu Sabha Hatem [email protected] 0599-126292 Yatta  Hebron free work  
Abu Sada Mkhmer [email protected]  059-9401910 Gaza Alazhar University/ Academic (Political Science)   
Abu Subha Hatem   059-9235324 Hebron    
Abu Zahra Omer [email protected] 0599-122657 Yatta  Hebron free work agricultural engineer 
Abu zaidan Amal [email protected] 052-4589422 Jerusalem The center for research on peace education  Projects manager
Abuesheh Nuha [email protected] 059-9089223 BETHLEHEM Palestine social afairs lawyer
Al Hamri Sulaiman [email protected] 059-9211363 Bethlehem   executive manager
Al Hirbawi Adnan [email protected] 059-9046111 Hebron   student
Al Jadba Mousa  [email protected]  08-2853490/ 0599775312 Gaza PARC agricultural engineer 
Al Madhon Khaled [email protected] 059-9677540 Hebron Retired  
Al Natour     Sanaa [email protected] 0599- 349179 Al Remal st., Gaza  Public Relations Coordinator  
Al sheikh Mousa  Reham [email protected] 05990-00525 Toulkarem Student Contractor
Al Zgari Rwan   059-9082277 Dohisha Camp   Director of the Hebrew school
Alalool Omar [email protected] 059-9520621 Ramallah Ministry of health Health consultant-palestinian authourity
Alarid Kholoud [email protected] 09-62777455898 Nablus Housing Bank for trade and finance Customer service
Aldeen Sawsan  [email protected] 02-2232840, 059-9592 922 Hebron Manager of the Women's Association  
Alharithi Taleb [email protected] 02-2212012, 02-2222233 Idna - Hebron PNA Official  
Al-hruosh Mufeed [email protected] 0599-523215 Yatta  Hebron free work Program Officer 
Aljuneidi Rashad [email protected] 059-8545002 Hebron Alrashidin secondary school principal
ALKAHLOUT SAFWAT [email protected]  0599 755 630  JABALIA ITALIAN NEWS AGENCY   
Alnafar Motea [email protected] 059-9310392 Deir Elbalah Palestinian farmer development Manager
Alnazer Najaah  [email protected] 02-2233882 Alhawwoz-Hebron  Projects Coordinator in the Womens Association Accountant
Alsleme AbdAlfatah  [email protected] 059-9077004 Hebron Retired General English and Hebrew Teacher
Alzyoud  Mo'min [email protected] 059-9352827 Jenin Sealt Alharithia basic school  Teacher
Amasheh Tamar [email protected] 052-2356799 Jerusalem   Lawyer
Asfor Mousa [email protected] 059-9535150 Hebron none Retired English teacher
Atir Raed  [email protected] 059-9783429 Faroon - Tolkarem Min. Of Health Official Laborant
Bahloul, Mahmoud Sobhi [email protected] 059-9741633 Gaza-Rafah-Tal sultan Khanyunis Barber
Balousha Hazem [email protected] 059-9673143 Gaza The Guardian Newspaper Gaza reporter
Barakat Riman [email protected] 054-2219318 Beit   Hanina, East Jerusalem UNDP Liaison Officer of the Municipal Alliance for Peace Secretariat
Barhum Hanadi [email protected] 052-7064369 Jerusalem   translator
Bkheet Mona [email protected]  059-9686983 Nusirate Palestinian association for education & environmental protection Executive Director 
Bohase Imad [email protected] 059-8-997688 Yatta  Hebron free work Software Engeneer
Dagash Gamal [email protected] 050-2760402  Haifa   freelance
Dana Karam [email protected] 059-8318162 Hebron University of Washington Instructor and Researcher
Diab Samah [email protected] 052-5400844      
Dwikat Ahmed [email protected] 059-9261801 Nablus Government employee Director of Gaza branch 
El Hawi  Mustafa [email protected] 059-9401667 Gaza Al- Aqsa University/ Associate Professor  
El Taji                       Maha [email protected] 050-2760403  Haifa   civil rights lawyer
Elmikkawi Raed [email protected] 052-3711800 Beer Sheva   filmmaker
Emara Abdalhakim [email protected] 059-9700525 Toulkarem Employee at Internet café Teacher 
Faqeeh Mohamed [email protected] 059-9520617 qattanah altariq org member of steering commity
FargAllah Moh.d  [email protected] 059-9940696 Hebron   Student
Filfil Hafez [email protected] 059-9409635 Gaza Gaza community mental health programme Educational and Community Outreach Coordinator for Palestine
Ghabayen Said [email protected] 059 9467638 Gaza City University of Palestine Dean, Applied Engineering College
Ghazali Mohsen [email protected] 0599-052-085 Gaza City Islamic Relief Worldwide  Program Manager
Habboub Salah [email protected] 059-9229894 Ramallah none engineer
Halabi Elias [email protected] 054-5974361 Bethlehem    
Halaseh  Tamer [email protected] 0598-909716 Al Sawahra Al Sharqiyya  Bridges Cultural Exchange director of international relations 
Hammad  Khalid   059-9398537 Barqin Al Yamoun Basic Boys School- Jenin Techer
Hamzeh Hiba  [email protected] 059 9380535, 02 2254518                 Hebron Bani Naim Charitable Society  English Teacher
Hassouna Baha [email protected] 059-9876853 Hebron    
Hawwa Amneh          
Hazboun Ibrahim [email protected]   Beit Safafa, Jerusalem Journalist,/ master degree student at Bethlehem University  
Helou  Ahmed [email protected] 0524778119, 0599830979 Jericho Jericho PLC Office   Manager Office
Helou Ayman [email protected] 052-2581341 Jericho Jericho Intercontinental  receptionist
Hijazi Mohammed [email protected] 059-9272284 Hebron Library On Wheels for Nonviolence and Peace; Open Press Association  Public Relations Manager; Director
Hushiyeh Abduljabar   0599 474827 Yamoun Al Yamoun Basic Boys School- Jenin teacher
Hussien Abdullah [email protected] 052-2633683, 0599374626 Tinnik Rumanih Secondary Boys' School Teacher
Imrish Mohmmed [email protected] 059-9214215 Hebron Businessman Laborant
Iskandar Nadia [email protected] 059-9869207 Nablus Alaeshiyeh School  
Ismail Yasser [email protected] 0599- 349577 Der-Elbalah PAEEP Administrative Assistance
Jaabari Mohammed [email protected]  059-9040448 Hebron Open Press Association Written journalism department- coordinator- youth activist  
Ja'far Mahmoud [email protected] 059-8312308 AL-SAWAHERA ABUDIS IT SUPPORT
Jamoos Muhannad [email protected] 059-9356466 Nablus Hisham hijjawi college technology  student
Jibreel Rula [email protected] 059-8545002 Inda-Hebron Palestinian society for the development of women and children coordinator
Jonaidy Rashad [email protected]        
Katbeh  Samera  [email protected] 02-2230960, 0599 758597 Hebron Secretary of the Women's Association  
Khair Rula [email protected] 599941077 Beit Sahour   secretary
Khamis Mohsen [email protected] 0599-052-085 Gaza Islamic Relief Worldwide/ Program Manager   
Khatib Ibdeir [email protected] 059-9366288 Hezma Student  
Khatib Sulaiman [email protected] 059-9366288 Hezma Coordinator  
Khrof Rawan [email protected] 054-7823405 Jericho Secretary JICA Jericho office Employee
Madi Tariq [email protected] 059-8604040 Ramallah Government employee  
Mansour Rimonda [email protected] (054) 7450876 P.O.Box 5079, Judaida-Maker 25110  friendship village, Duroob Institute Project management & Trainer 
Moqbel Jamal [email protected] 0522422936, 0599232473 Hebron_Beit_Ommar    
Mousa Jamal [email protected] 059-9559432 Jericho Government employee  
Mujahed Rabab [email protected] 059-9372866 Hebron Alolama’ primary school Teacher
Najib-Khassib Mohammed [email protected] 054-5282148 Arourah, Ramallah Jane’s Information Group Middle East Correspondent
Neiroukh Anas [email protected] 054-5784642 Jerusalem Private office of accounting and auditing accountant and auditer
Odeh Ammar [email protected] 092-591002, 059-8080226 Howwarah, Nablus Ramallah - Hulul  
Qattami Ibrahim [email protected] 0599-219-319 Ramallah Palestinian youth forum for cooperation   head of p y f c
Ramaha Nazih [email protected] 059-8154019 Nablus Government employee  
Rezeq Ahmed [email protected] 059-9179479 Hezma Student at the Open University  
Saadat Tahseen [email protected] , [email protected]  0599- 831671 Gaza Palestinian farmers union (PFU)  
Sa'adi Abed Al Monem [email protected]  059-9659697,  04-2446617 Jenin  Anin Secondary School  
Safi Sami [email protected] 059-9731110 Jericho Government employee  
Salameh Rula [email protected] 054-5473175   Just Vision prefers to present on Saturday
Salem Walid [email protected] 054-7652907 Jerusalem The Center For Democracy and Community Development Director
Salhab Najih [email protected] 059-9591787 Hebron MSF (Doctors Without Borders)  
Sarawi Ashraf [email protected] 059-9044673 Nablus Volunteer With The Project Hope\Nablus Al Najah Old University  Arts Teacher
Serge Iyad     Gaza    
Shehadeh   [email protected]     Episcopal Church in Jerusalem Peace and Reconciliation Department   
Shraiteh Fakhri [email protected] 054-4465835 Rammallah Modern community college Ramallha  Manager
Shweke Osama [email protected] 059-8222129 Hebron   Student
Sider, Khalil Nader [email protected]  059-9258605 Hebron    
Slemeah Rami  [email protected] 059-9375186 Idna - Hebron   Constructions Coordinator + Peace Activist
Tahayna Yahya, Musa [email protected]  059-9356653 Selat El harithiyah Yamoun Basic Boys school  
Tahayneh Asem [email protected] 0599 117543 Selat al Harithiyah - Jenin Arab American University Student
Tahayni Abed Alsalam [email protected] 052-2210388 Jenin Sealat Alharithia basic school Teacher
Takrouri Mohammed [email protected] 059-9988350 Hebron   Retired
Tamaizeh Fuad [email protected] 059-9706703 Idna – Hebron  Idna secondary School /Idna  Teacher
Tamaizeh Khaled [email protected] 059-9728130 Idna – Hebron  Ministry of social affairs/Ramallah  Manager
Thabet Al Aziz  [email protected] 059-9604400 Gaza Al Quds University/ Director of academic programs, professor  
Tomazih Jamal [email protected] 0599 250 375 Idna - Hebron Bear zeat university   
Tomazih  Wajeh [email protected] 059-9363492 Idna - Hebron Metalworks Contractor and Peace Activist  
Yazdgi  Mukhmad     Gaza    
Zayda Haitham [email protected] 059-9761537 Gaza Agent for Turkish Israelian goods Agent for goods
Zwihan Zidan [email protected] 050-2788817 Jerusalem Abu Gosh High School teacher
Zyoud Hammam [email protected] 0599 540 012 Selat Al Harithiyah- Jenin – West Bank Najeb Al Ahmed Secondary Boys' School – Romaneh  
Zyoud Amer [email protected] 0599 47 56 43 Jenin   none 
Adebayo Adetona [email protected] 0044 7799 530 030 UK United Kingdom Border Agency Civil Servant
Afaghani Rawhi [email protected] 001-703-536-3785 USA Washington, DC Political and Media Analyst 
Alzekri Majda          
Amrhein  Marielle [email protected] 917-280-2660 USA Teachers College, Columbia University graduate student
Arthur Paul [email protected]    Northern Ireland School of History and International Affairs, University of Ulster Course Director of the Graduate Program in Peace and Conflict Studies Professor of Politics at the School of History and International Affairs, University of Ulster
Chighine Cinzia [email protected] 054 4876892   Representing the Tuscany region / Italy in the Middle East  
Dupuis Natalie [email protected] (613) 612-7968 Canada Saint Paul University graduate student
Galvez Ana [email protected]   Tokyo, Japan   NGO project assistant and Graduate Student
Gil-Shuster    Corey [email protected] (613) 263-2799   Health Canada (Canadian Ministry of Health) Civil servant/ conflict studies masters student
Hammad Heiam [email protected] 00962-795145997 Jordan Ministry of education School Principle
Harari Michal [email protected] 0041 78 767 53 23  Switzerland   Student
Hermanns Elena [email protected] 0049-1632507271 Germany currently unemployed Political Scientist
Izumi Wakugawa [email protected]   Nepal Global Majority Director, facilitator, trainer, Global Majority
Jarroau Joachim [email protected]     IPCRI International affairs officer
Jenson Judith [email protected]   USA Educational Solutions university educatior 
Johnson David [email protected] 054-673-6086    Regional Director for the Middle East, AFSC  
Khan Naaz [email protected] 510-525-6402 USA Teachers College Graduate Stud
Khawwa Amneh [email protected]   Denmark Denemak – University – Member of the board of the Denish Palestinian Feidship Asossiation MD
Kinjo Miyuki [email protected] 506347084 Jerualem Hebrew University Student
Kobayashi Wakako [email protected] 054-3062548 Japan Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC) (A Japanese NGO) Jerusalem Office Representative
Levin Theodore     UK    
Luxton Susan [email protected]   USA Educational Solutions University Educator 
Mahler  Gregory [email protected]  (765) 977-4117 USA Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana Academic Dean and Professor of Politics
Mosupyoe Boatamo [email protected]   South Africa California State University, Sacramento Professor and Director of Pan African Studies in the Ethnic Studies Department at California State University, Sacramento
Nassar Haitham [email protected]   Jordan   Banker
Ottman  (Esta) Tina [email protected] (home) 0081-75-495-1401 Japan Kyoto University, School of Government in the Faculty of Law and Poltiical Sciences University educator 
Oztabay Mubeccel [email protected] 5338761668 Cyprus Robert Gordon University PhD Student (psychological counselor)
Pollens Jason [email protected] 050-202-5098 USA Right now living in Jerusalem, and studying at Pardes  
Qawasmi    Donna [email protected]   Jordan Made in Jordan events Management General manager for organizing peace events office 
Richter-Devroe Sophie [email protected] 525051267 Germany   Student
Rostoker Benjamin [email protected] 527460253 USA Crown Center for Middle East Studies – Brandeis University Academic
Ruckstuhl Sandra [email protected] 0598 212 435 USA Adjunct Professor and PhD Student, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution; Independent consultant (social conflict and environmental/natural resources development and management)  
Sarsar Saliba [email protected] 9220291 USA Monmouth University Professor of Political Science and Associate Vice President
Shaheeh  Christina [email protected] 543268348 USA    
Shere  Holly [email protected] 504034328 USA Jewish clergy  
Siddhartha Yagnadatta Dave [email protected]  00912652485293; 00919825449528 India United Nations Development Programme Program Director
Stone of Blackheath Andrew [email protected] 0044 7879 695563 UK House of Lords  
Takkenberg Wouter [email protected]   England   student
Tatsushi Arai [email protected]       Assistant Professor of Conflict Transformation at the School for International Training (SIT) in Vermont
Tena Pera  Ramon [email protected]     Area of Social Attention to Youth, Government of Andorra Foreign Affairs Expert
Urfali Deniz DENİ[email protected] 5428748123 Cyprus European University Of Lefke International affairs officer
Vidal Carles [email protected] 0034 616621063 Spain School for a Culture of Peace at the UAB  Teacher at Autonomous University of Barcelona