IPCRI is an independent institution, not affiliated to any political party. In IPCRI we work shoulder-to-shoulder: Palestinians and Israelis, Arabs and Jews, as well as involved outsiders, committed to create a new reality of peaceful cooperation. 

With us, parity is principle. There are two chairmen, one Israeli and one Palestinian, just as there are two directors, one Palestinian and one Israeli. And so on. 



1. Mr. Hillel Adiri - Agro-business expert, working on joint Israeli-Palestinian agriculture cooperation for more than 15 years

2. Prof. Alfred Abed Rabbo - Director/Associate Professor in Water & Soil Environmental Research Unit, Bethlehem University

3. Dr.Mohammed Naja - Businessman

4. Mr. Rafi Benvenisti - Consultant to the World Bank, Former Senior Advisor to the Minister of Finance, and the Minister of Regional Cooperation

5. Ms. Lilly Habash - Founder and CEO of Partners, Women and Men for the empowerment of Palestinian women

6. Prof. Tamar Hermann -  Director, Tami Steimetz Center Tel Aviv University, Dean, Open University

7. Mr. Fouad Jabr - Former CEOin Palestine, Egyptian Arab Land Bank, VP Palestinian Businessmen’s Association

8. Mr. Gadi Kenny - Peace Activist

9. Saman Khoury - Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Trustees and General Manager, Peace & Democracy Forum/Jerusalem

10. Dr. Alon Liel - Professor and Businessman, Former Ambassador to South Africa and Turkey, Former Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

11. Ms. Etty Livni - Former MK, Shinui, member of the International Women’s Commission

12. Ms. Nancy Rumann - Water Planner, National Water Council, Consultant GTZ

13. Prof. Galia Golan - Professor at the Hebrew University and the Inter-disciplinary college of Herzliya

14. Prof. Alice Shalvi - Professor Alice Shalvi, Chairwoman of the Israeli Board and former President and Rector of the Schechter Institute, Founder of the Israel Women’s Network.  Winner of the Israel Prize.

15. Prof. Gabriel Salomon - Prof. Education, Haifa University, Director and Founder, the Center for the Research of Peace Education. Winner of the Israel Prize for Education

16. Mr. Azzam Shawwa - General Manager Al Quds Investment Bank, Former PA Minister of Energy

17. Mr. Mohammed Yazegi - Businessman, Gaza

18. Dr. Amal Hadweh, UNRWA

Chairmen of the Board
Refael Benvenisti
Azzam Shawwa

Staff (click names for CV's):

Chief Executive Officers:

Dr. Gershon Baskin and Mr. Hanna Siniora


Strategic Affairs Unit Coordinator
David Kellen


Environment & Water
Mr. Robin Twite

Administration and Budget Manager
Ms. Yael Shalem


Former Staff

Dana Rasas  - SAU Coordinator
David Rosenberg - SAU Coordinator
Dr. Zakaria al Qaq - Former Co-Director (1990-2004)
Hillel Adiri  - Agriculture Program Director
Mohammad Hamalaweh - Agriculture Program Director, Gaza
Cyrien Khano  -Director, Peace Education
Dr. Yossi Ben Ari - Co-Director, SAU
Mr. Khaled Duzdar - Co-Director, SAU
Birgit Krasilowsky - Office Manager
Jihad Sarhan - Office Manager
Uri Adika - Bookkeeper
Dr. Kobi Michael  - Co-Director, SAU
Yohanan Tzoref - Religious Schools Coordinator
Tova Sherr - Water Conference Coordinator
Carla Duss - Water Conference Coordinator
Yaron Amitay - Water Conference Manager
Sophie Shiber - Program Development Coordinator, Peace Education
Ghaida Rinawi-Zouabi, Ayelet Roth - Co-Directors Peace Education department
Hatem Darawshe  - Palestinian Israeli Schools coordinator
Norma Mussi: Center and South coordinator.
Shulti Regev: North coordinator
Ghazi Shaqleh - Field Coordinator and Supervisor, Palestine
Yael Amzalek - Office Manager
Hasan Erturk - Strategic Affairs Unit
Curricula Update Team: Adam Institute, Saber Rabi, and many Israeli and Palestinian teachers
Attorney Keith Molkner - Director, Law & Development
Attorney Raed Abdul Hamid - Assistant Director, Law & Development
Attorney Debra Perla - Law & Development Project
Attorney Daniel Kalman - Law & Development
Marjorie Allard - Editor, Law & Development
Idit Klein - Editor, Law & Development
Attorney Rana Bahu - Law & Development
Sarah Kaufman - Editor, Researcher, Law & Development
Attorney Mordechai Haller - Law & Development
Attorney Vida Habash - Law & Development
Dr. Marwan Darweish - Peace Education Director
Linda Futterman - Education For Peace Assistant Director
Dr. Peter Demant - Director, Pathways Into Reconciliation
Shireen al Araj - Research Assistant
Margaret Daher - Secretary
Robin Menczel - Editor
Mayyada Abdo - Trade Project Coordinator
Karri Goeldner - Former Office Manager
Beile Grunwald - Office Manager Marco - Office Manager
Ronnie Cohen-Ginat - JEMS
Amjad Jaouni - JEMS
Anat Reiseman-Levy - Peace Education
Carol Daniel - Education for Peace
Elisheva Kaufman - Environment & Water
Leah Even - Peace Education
Eitan Reich - Peace Education Coordinator

The Staff enjoying themselves with Prince Hassan of Jordan,
The Royal Palace,
Amman, Jordan,
Feburary 1999. 

Who supports IPCRI?

Current Support (2010) is being provided by:




The following governments have supported IPCRI ijn the past:

USA - USAID-Middle East Regional Cooperation Program (MERC)
US Government - Wye River People-to-People Program
US Government - Public Diplomacy, State Department

Sweden-SIDA -Swedish International Development Aid

Switzerland- SDC - Swiss Development Cooperation
The Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The European Union


Canada - The Canadian Dialogue Fund


The Netherlands

The United Kingdom



The following foundations have supported IPCRI's Work:

Search For Common Ground
National Endowment of Democracy
The Ford Foundation
The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

International Development Research Center (IDRC - Canada)

Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Germany

United States Institute of Peace

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Hermann De Stern Foundation

Keren Yad Hanadiv


The Levinson Foundation

The Naumann Foundation

The Gimprich Family Foundation

The World Bank

Conanima Foundation


Bilance, Netherlands

The Beracha Fund

The British Council
V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation
Germeshausen Foundation
Winds of Change Foundation 

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