Falling in the Mud of Madness

Khaled Duzdar*


At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst. "Aristotle"


The recent suicide attacks against innocent civilians in Amman have shocked us all. It is unclear what message the suicide bombers were conveying, and there is no logical cause for such insane acts. What could be the aim of these attacks and what were these mad executioners aiming to achieve? At first they claimed that they are the defenders of Islam and the Muslim world. True Islam absolves itself from these people and their acts and so-called ideologies. They promote nothing more than killing and they are only aiming to bring the region to a state of lawlessness by disturbing its stability and chances for prosperity.


The targets are no longer just the western world and foreign culture. The so-called enemy is no longer only the imperialism and the American global domination.  The target is now Muslims, Arabs, and Palestinians.  The actions are nothing less than killing for the sake of killing and destruction for the sake of destruction.


By targeting innocent civilians, average people celebrating the wedding of their children and friends, what could be the objectives of these murderous actions? What are they aiming to achieve by killing innocent civilians? Is it only because they were easy targets? Did they commit these crimes simply to cause massive casualties which they believe will attract more audience and support for their cause? Who benefits from theses actions? Who has an interest in disturbing the stability of the region?


It is obvious now more than ever that whoever was responsible for the tragic incidents in Beirut and Sharm El-Sheikh is the same party responsible for the attacks in Amman. All these attacks serve only one purpose, undermining the security and stability of the region.


Muslims, Islamic countries and Arab countries must now face a crucial challenge. There should be no excuse now in neglecting and denying the danger of the wide spread of this senseless terrorism. Serious actions and plans should be taken to finally eliminate this widely spreading disease from our society and from Islam.  Muslims and Arabs should not only condemn the global terrorist acts carried out all around the world, they should also move to isolating these destructive beliefs promoted by a group of insane people and carried out in the name of Islam and freedom.


Now and no later, it is the time for us Muslims and Arabs to take on this responsibility. All Muslims and Arabs should unify in one mission: to fight these mad false ideologies presented as Islam. These false prophets of Islam accuse other Muslims of being infidel and disloyal to their faiths. The true Islam condemns murder and does not justify terrorism. The false prophets of Islam try to impose their distorted interpretation of the Holy Koran and the Islamic faith.  Their acts only cause severe damage to Islam and Muslims around the world. The evil beliefs of these mad people have sentenced Islam and Muslims to be tainted as evil terrorists, savages, and people with no mercy in the eyes of the West.


Islamic Governments and Islamic scholars must not remain passive. They must take stand up now and plan how to cure this madness within our societies from the wide spreading of this disease. They must not close their eyes and ears from the growing danger. They must not say it isn't our problem and it does not affect us. These insane missionaries are now knocking on our doors. They are trying to take our children and to wash their brains. They are now killing us. Governments should act immediately to uproot them from our societies. Serious actions should be taken to cripple their ability to influence and to curb their freedom of movement. Governments should cease from providing them shelter. Governments should implement plans to cut them off from their financial sources and capabilities to recruit people. Mosques should be prevented from being used as schools for terrorism. Islamic scholars should draft plans on how to defend Islam from the enemies within. They should raise public awareness that today our enemies are amongst us.


Education systems and curricula have to be evaluated and reformed to teach tolerance and peace and schools and universities, teachers and parents should take part of this responsibility. Youth clubs and cultural centers should be used in taking the necessary precautions to educate the youth on the real values of Islam. The media should be deployed to raise awareness in the public as well. There should be real actions and plans to address the core and symptoms of the disease and just in diagnosing it.


Muslims and Arabs should act in concert with the global struggle against terrorism. Muslims should work together with Christians and Jews towards the same goals, to secure the world from extremism and fanaticism that does not distinguish good from evil.


Civil society organizations and non governmental organizations around the world should also join in this mission. We have not been successful so far in combating this disease. We must do more and we must not wait for someone else to do it.


As a Palestinian I accuse these false prophets of Islam of damaging our cause and destroying years of struggle for freedom. They can not use our cause as an excuse for their evil and mad beliefs. No matter where they are acting - in Baghdad or New York, in Istanbul or Paris, in Madrid or Amman, in Cairo or London, in Beirut or Jerusalem, or even in Bali - it only causes more damage to us. Especially in these times when we Palestinians are asking for more international support to bring to life the long hoped for Palestinian State.


Our condolences are not just for the four senior Palestinians killed in the last suicide attack in Amman, not for people we knew "Brig. General Bashir Nafea' and Colonel Abed Alon", our condolences are not only for the families of the innocent people whose only crime was to attend the wedding of their beloveds, our condolences are not only for the children and their parents who were killed. Our condolences are for ourselves who have fallen in the mud of this madness.



Khaled Duzdar is the Palestinian Co-Director of IPCRI’s Strategic Affairs Unit


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