Hanna Siniora Awarded a Peace Prize of Honor from the

Order of the Knights of Malta

Saturday, April 21, 2007 at 14:00

Bethlehem Room, Tantur Ecumenical Institute



Today, Saturday April 21, 2007 Mr. Hanna Siniora, the Co-CEO of IPCRI – the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information was awarded a tribute of honor for his life time commitment to Palestinian-Israeli peace by the Order of the Knights of Malta.  This tribute has been awarded to Heads of State and world leaders for peace.  The winner of the tribute prior to Mr. Siniora was the President of Burundi and Nelson Mandela will receive the tribute after Mr. Siniora.

The Order of St. John also known as the Knights of Malta has created a federation of Knightly Orders unifying all of the Holy Orders to work together for World Peace.  A group of the Knights of Malta is now on their first visit to the Holy Land since the Federation was established.  The head of the Delegation, composed of Knights of the order including two members of the European Parliament from Italy and other dignitaries, awarded Mr. Siniora a Silver Olive Branch. When the Pope came to Holy Land in 2000, he took with him a small olive tree plant and planted it in the garden of the Vatican. The prize is made of a branch of that olive tree covered with silver.

After announcing that the Knights of Malta intend to build a university for peace in the Holy Land, Mr. Siniora took the floor and spoke of his 40 years of experiences working for peace between the Palestinian people and the Israeli people.  Mr. Siniora mentioned that in 6 weeks we will be marking 40 years since the 1967 war and the beginning of the occupation.  During that we, IPCRI together with other important organizations like Combatants for Peace will be holding events throughout Israel and Palestine calling for peace – two states for two peoples, an end of the occupation and an end to the conflict.

Mr. Siniora was then officially made a Knight of Malta.  The Chief of the Order declared Mr. Siniora’s induction into Knighthood by removing his own personal pin of the Order and placing it on Mr. Siniora’s lapel.  

Hanna Siniora, currently the Co-CEO of IPCRI has in fact dedicated his life to making peace.  He has been a courageous and active advocate of the rights of the Palestinian people all the time recognizing the importance and urgency of making peace with Israel.


Hanna Siniora is well known and respected throughout the region and the world.


Hanna Siniora anointed a Knight of  Malta




Hanna Siniora receives the Papal Silver Olive Branch for Peace