Date Time Auditorium Chapel Library Reading Room Lower Lobby Reception
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Friday, January 4, 2008 8:30 9:30 Registration        
  9:30 10:30 Introductory Session  Welcoming Gershon Baskin &  Hanna Siniora 
The State of Peace Education in Israel & Palestine - Challenges we all face
  10:30 11:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break  
  11:00 12:00 Jensen-Luxton: Developing Joint University Projects Across the Green Line given the Asymmetry of the Societies and the Conflict. Lecture/Workshop 90mn Lublin/Warshaw-Dadon: How can we inspire others to move from "Hating and Fearing" to "Loving and Respecting" the Other? 
Presentation & Guided Interactive Discussion 60mn

Langer-Gal: Encounter Point.                       Film/Discussion 90mn Schwartz: The Traditional Tale as a tool in facilitating Dialogue between identities. Workshop 90mn
  12:00 12:30 Jensen-Luxton (continue) Netzer: The direct-causation person-centered approach: a radical change in approach to peace education.                
Lecture/Discussion 30mn
Langer-Gal (continue) Schwartz (continue)  
  12:30 1:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch  
  1:30 2:30 Boskovitch: "Just over the Boardwalk". Play/Discussion 60mn        
  2:30 3:30 Moses: Creating the Environment for Seeds to Flourish:  Challenges and Possibilities for Peace Education, with the Example of Seeds of Peace as a Starting Point for Discussion. Lecture/Discussion 60mn Rozenman: "Women On The Frontlines"  film & discussion 60 mn. Laness: A Joyous Meeting.                        Workshop 30mn
Bleiweis: Conquering Conflict Through Creation:The Power Of A Child's Canvas
Presentation & Discussion 30 mn.
Hertz/Zelniker/Peretz: Arab and Jewish Students Engage in Participatory Action Research at the University of Haifa: A Model for Dialogue.                                              
Workshop 60mn
  3:30 4:00 Coffe Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break  
  4:00 5:00 Laness: What's Right? Tapping into Positive, Creative, Intuitive Ideas.          
Workshop 60mn
Harmat: Unequal gender relationships in dialogue encounters between Palestinians and Israelis. 
Lecture/Discussion 60mn
Rozenman: Kabbalat Shabbat  60mn Warshaw-Dadon: From a Language of Hate to a Language of Peace: How can Reiki help?                                                         Workshop 90mn Sonnenschein: Processes of Majority Group Identity Formation
During a Jewish – Palestinian Encounter
Lecture, Workshop 90 mn.  
  5:00 6:00 Bar-Sinai: Movement-oriented team building games as a tool in building a team of Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews.      
Workshop 60mn
Parness: Symbols as a universal grammar for a dialogue between cultures. Lecture/Discussion 60mn Waldbaum: Yoga and Dance Communication.                                          Workshop 60mn Houssian: Peace it Together   
Film presentation & Discussion 30 mn.
Sonnenschein: continued
  6:00 7:00 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner  
  7:00 8:00 Friedberg: The Peace Labyrinth: A self-Learning Peace Education Model.         
Lecture 60mn
Ratz: Israelis and Palestinians: Self-image andimages of the "other".     Lecture/Discussion 60mn Ratner: Knowing the Other -dialogue through cinema.                     
Lectrue/Film/Discussion 60mn
Mc Lean/Manasra: Religion and Peace-Making.         
Workshop 60mn
  8:00 9:00 Musicians for Peace Concert: Ofer Golany, Samia Ashkar, Nabil Abi Nicola        
  9:00 10:00 Concert - Continued        
Date Time Auditorium Chapel Library Reading Room  
Start End  
Saturday, January 5, 2008 7:30 8:30 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast  
  8:30 9:00 Cohen: Win-Win Conflict Resolution: The Application of Transactional Analysis, Psychodrama and Gestalt Therapy Techniques in the Middle East Conflict.         
Workshop/PP 60mn
Gaffney: Holy Land: Common Ground. Film/Discussion 120mn Boskovitch: “Too Absurd” 
Film/Discussion 60mn
Hamri: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Organizations and their duty to influence decision-making.                                         Discussion 60mn  
  9:00 9:30 Cohen (continue) Gaffney (continue) Boskovitch (continue) Hamri (continue)  
  9:30 10:00 Diab, Bar Shalom, & Rousseau
Diversity work at a multicultural teachers college -Presentation & Discussion 60 mn
Gaffney (continue) Grob: De-Demonizing the Other: Teen Voices from the Holy Land: Who am I to You? Lecture/Discussion 60mn Khatib: Combatants for Peace.                  Lecture 30mn  
  10:00 10:30 Diab, Bar Shalom, & Rousseau
Gaffney (continue) Grob (continue) Lubke: EU Partnership for Peace Program: "Utilizing Middle Eastern Civic Education as a Leverage for Peace".                        
Lecture 30mn
  10:30 11:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break  
  11:00 11:30 Ofer Golany, Samia Ashkar, Nabil Abi Nicola:
Musician for Peace Workshop.
Workshop/Concert 60mn
Kedem: Environmental education as peace education: "Common Paths". Lecture/Discussion 90mn Kannry & El Yateem
The Dialogue Project        
Presentation and Discussion 45 mn.
Petretti: Compassionate Listening. Workshop 90mn  
  11:30 12:00 Musician for Peace Workshop (continue) Kedem (continue) Kannry & El Yateem
Petretti (continue)  
  12:00 12:30 Salameh: Peace Education in Palestine. Lecture 30mn Kedem (continue) Tannous/Leviathan: Creating Care-Full Listening and conversations between members of conflicting groups in Israel: narrative means to transformative listening. Lecture/Discussion 45 mn Petretti (continue)  
  12:30 1:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch  
  1:30 2:00 Van Der Veen: Proximate Peace, Far Away Fairness.                                                      Lecture/Film 30mn Lir: Why is it difficult for women to participate in the public domain?                           
Lecture 60mn
Stillerman: Envisioning a Culture of Peace: how can we succeed in genuinely transforming our culture? The Law of Critical Mass.            
Workshop 90mn
Frankenthaler: Transformative Learning and the connection between Peace Education and Human Rights Education in Adults.        Lecture/Discussion 60mn  
  2:00 2:30 Moses: Making History: Cultivating Relationships to the Past That Encourage Peace.                    
Workshop 30mn
Lir (continue) Stillerman (continue) Frankenthaler: (continue)  
  2:30 3:00 Ghazal: Peace Camp Canada/Nova Scotia. Lecture 30mn Halaseh: Networking and building strategies for Peace.                                                    Lecture/Discussion 30mn Stillerman (continue) Schamroth: Searching for the emotional code through the chaos.
Lecture & discussion 30 mn
  3:00 3:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break  
  3:30 4:00 Minuskin/Jayousi:
"Building Peace through education":  a project in Israel and Palestine based on the reconciliation process between Poland and Germany (after WWII)
Workshop 60mn
Butchins: Patches.                                      Film/Discussion 60mn Rozenman: Peace-building: How to create Trust as a basis for action.             
Workshop 90mn
Bacharach: Establishing an on-line network for Palestinian and Israeli Individuals. Lecture/Discussion 60mn  
  4:00 4:30 Minuskin/Jayousi (continue) Butchins (continue) Rozenman (continue) Bacharach (continue)  
  4:30 5:00 Chatterjee: Language & Peace.          
Lecture 30mn
De Jong: Negotiating Non-Violence: Power relations within Palestinian/Israeli Peace Activism.
Lecture 30mn   
Rozenman (continue) Darmoni & Sawaed: Living in the Holy Land: An EducationalJourney to Discover Similarities and Difference between the three Monotheistic Religions.                  
Workshop 30mn
  5:00 5:30 Closing session