Saada Family Fund Update

December 3, 2001



Reminder: On July 17, 2001 Isaaq Saada, a Palestinian teacher, 51 years old, father of 10, and an activist in IPCRI’s Peace Education Program was killed by an Israeli Missile that had targeted his brother.  His brother was also killed. Isaaq was involved with IPCRI’s Peace Education Program for 5 years.

The Saada Family Fund:  IPCRI decided to launch a fund in support of Isaaq’s family. So far, 206 people have contributed more than $25,800 to the fund. We also discovered that Isaaq’s 11 year old daughter Sukaina was paralyzed from waist down from birth and did not have a wheel chair.  IPCRI contacted Kibbutz Tzora where they manufacture wheel chairs for specific needs. The manager of the factory, Philip Solomon met Sukaina in IPCRI’s office.  The kibbutz decided to contribute an electronic wheel chair to Sukaina.

IPCRI has established a special bank account for the family.  Each month the family receives an allotment of the money.

The Saada Family published an advert in Al-Quds newspaper thanking IPCRI for its efforts.

We would like to thank all of the 206 people who contributed to the family’s welfare and to urge others to make a contribution.