IPCRI manages several different email lists that you are invited to join.


The following is a list of the various lists and instructions for how to join:

1. IPCRI's News and Views - Analysis of the current situation, ideas for advancing peace and IPCRI news.
subscribe from IPCRI's web page on the bottom of the page: www.ipcri.org

2. IPCRI News Service - this is a daily news service composed of news clippings from Israel, Palestine, the Middle East and the rest of the world concerning Israel and Palestine. Most of the clippings send contain hi-lighted sections. This list receives between 10-20 emails per day - it can also be received as one daily digest containing all of the clippings for the day.  To subscribe send an email to: [email protected]

3. Dialogue and Development a forum for discussion amongst Israelis and Palestinians involved in dialogue activities.  To subscribe send an email to: [email protected]

4. IPCRI Peace Teachers - an email list for and about Peace Education. To subscribe send an email to:
[email protected]

5. IPCRI Water for Life - an email list about Israeli-Palestinian water and environment issues: to subscribe send an email to:
[email protected]


IPCRI's interactive web page - place4peace.com


IPCRI runs an interactive web page that invites you to submit your ideas, articles and opinions - it's very user friendly - so have a visit: