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1 Jerusalem of Peace, by Gershon Baskin, September 1994 File size: 328 KB, in PDF
2 Negotiating the Future: Vision and Realpolitik in the Quest for a Jerusalem of Peace, edited by Chaia Beckerman, November 1996 File size: 222 KB, in PDF
3 Is Jerusalem Negotiable, by Jerome Segal, July 1997 File size: 116 KB, in PDF
4 Trilateral Confederation: A New Political Vision for Peace by Arieh Hess, January 1999 File size: 196 KB, in PDF
5 Creating a Culture of Peace, Edited by Gershon Baskin and Zakaria al Qaq, January 1999 File size: 541 KB, in PDF
6 Banking Law reform in the Palestinian Territories, by Rana Bahu, Eric Melloul, and Willian Walsh, December 1995 File size: 381 KB, in PDF
7 Intellectual Property Reform in the Palestinian Territories, by Deborah Perla, Ra'ed Abdul Hamid, Mordechai Haller, and Daniel Kalman, February 1997
File size: 270 KB, in PDF
8 A Reevaluation of the Border Industrial Zones Concept, by Gershon Baskin and Zakaria al Qaq, December 1998 File size: 103 KB, in PDF
9 The Harmonization of Agricultural Health, Phytosanitary and Quality Standards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables between Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Palestine. A Strategy for Cooperative Regional Export Marketing of Agricultural Products, January 2001 File size: 250 KB, in PDF