Breaking the Impasse:

Creating Stability, Security, Peace and Prosperity


Israeli Palestinian and International Conference

November 22 – 23, 2004

Jerusalem, Ramallah and Gaza


During 22-23 November 2004 IPCRI will convene a major Israeli-Palestinian-International Conference in Jerusalem aimed at contributing to enhancing Israel’s and Palestine’s national policy agenda setting and to the upgrading of their strategic decision-making through rigorous policy-driven research and by engaging policy analysts in direct discussion with policy-makers.

The IPCRI Conference will be a "summit" of the most influential Israeli, Palestinian and international leaders that will meet to consider issues crucial to current and future prospects for peace. IPCRI decided to establish this conference to fill an acutely felt need for a high-level forum, in which senior leaders from Israel, Palestine and the International Community, of diverse yet relevant backgrounds could convene to consider issues crucial to the current and future relations between the parties.

 The Conference will bring together in a nonpartisan, informal atmosphere, far removed from the distractions of day to day business, an exclusive group of several hundred leaders -  Israelis, Palestinians and internationals, from pertinent fields - government, the private and corporate world, the defense and intelligence communities, political circles, the media and academia. For two days, these leaders will address, discuss, and debate the most pressing issues on the national agendas.

The Conference will be held in three locations simultaneously linked by video conferencing in order to ensure wide Palestinian participation. The main hall will be in the Notre Dame Conference Center in Jerusalem.  The conference will also be convening in Ramallah and in Gaza. Speakers will be addressing the audience from all three locations.

The Conference will also benefit from the policy work conducted by some 15 joint teams of Israelis and Palestinians working throughout the year on the development of policy papers on a broad range of subjects.