1. Mr. Hillel Adiri – Agro-business expert, working on joint Israeli-Palestinian agriculture cooperation for more than 15 years

2. Prof. Alfred Abed Rabbo - Director/Associate Professor in Water & Soil Environmental Research Unit, Bethlehem University

3. Dr. Sufyan Abu Zayda – Director of Al Quds University programs in Gaza and former PA Minster of Prisoner Affairs

4. Mr. Rafi Benvenisti – Consultant to the World Bank, Former Senior Advisor to the Minister of Finance, and the Minister of Regional Cooperation

5. Ms. Lilly Habash – Founder and CEO of Partners, Women and Men for the empowerment of Palestinian women

6. Prof. Tamar Hermann -  Director, Tami Steimetz Center Tel Aviv University, Dean, Open University

7. Mr. Fouad Jabr – Former CEOin Palestine, Egyptian Arab Land Bank, VP Palestinian Businessmen’s Association

8. Saman Khoury - Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Trustees and General Manager, Peace & Democracy Forum/Jerusalem

9. Dr. Alon Liel – Professor and Businessman, Former Ambassador to South Africa and Turkey, Former Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

10. Ms. Etty Livni – Former MK, Shinui, member of the International Women’s Commission

11. Ms. Nancy Rumann – Water Planner, National Water Council, Consultant GTZ

12. Prof. Galia Golan – Professor at the Hebrew University and the Inter-disciplinary college of Herzliyeh

13. Prof. Alice Shalvi - Professor Alice Shalvi, Chairwoman of the Israeli Board and former President and Rector of the Schechter Institute, Founder of the Israel Women’s Network.  Winner of the Israel Prize.

14. Prof. Gabriel Salomon – Prof. Education, Haifa University, Director and Founder, the Center for the Research of Peace Education. Winner of the Israel Prize for Education

15. Mr. Azzam Shawwa – General Manager Al Quds Investment Bank, Former PA Minister of Energy

16. Mr. Mohammed Yazegi - Businessman, Gaza