Promotion of Agricultural Development in the West Bank

IPCRI provided resources and training to local Palestinians farmers to effectively grow and market high-demand export crops. By doing so, we hoped to a better economic future for the West Bank farmers.

About Partnering for Prosperity: Promoting agricultural development in the West Bank

In early 2013, IPCRI embarked on an exciting project focused on developing the agricultural export market in the Palestinian region of Bardalah and Kardalah. Working with a team of agricultural specialists led by Dr. Hillel Adiri, local farmer members of the Bardalah Farmers Cooperative were provided with the resources, technical expertise, and business training to effectively grow and market two high-demand export crops: chili peppers and a variety of herbs.

Past local barriers to overseas export included a lack of post-harvest technical expertise (storage, grading, and packaging), a lack of certification resources, and a lack of marketing know-how. This project waimed to provide Bardalah farmers with the training needed to overcome such barriers and tap into valuable export markets.