Transboundary Environmental Cooperation

As an organization aimed at fostering cooperation in the region, the environment is an area of specific interest in IPCRI's efforts to develop new partnerships. The Middle East and the area of Israel-Palestine-Jordan is particularly affected by climate change and suffers tremendously from desertification. In such contexts, the effects of climate change often lead to conflict over scarce resources, which manifest themselves in the deterioration of infrastructure necessary to manage pollution or the accessibility to clean water. 


IPCRI partnered with the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in promoting a Track II process focused on the environment. In this partnership, a Young Professional forum was formed with the aim of developing local initiatives on the ground focusing on cleaning water, treating waste water and developing renewable energy. Under the supervision of IPCRI, this forum will become an advocacy group aimed at developing regional agreements on the environment. 


Water Security Working Group

Within the framework of this cross-border environmental cooperation project, IPCRI also formed a working group that focuses on the shared concerns over water issues in the region and explores new methods to ensure water security and secure regional partnerships. The group consists of academics and activists who will work together to combine academic knowledge with on-the-ground experience in order to offer answers to the following issues: 


- The Current State of Water

- Water-Related Coordination and Diplomacy

- Desalination and the Nexus of Water, Energy, and Security

- De-Securitization of Water as a Key for Water Diplomacy


Over the coming months, authors will be working on their research in these topic areas and meet on several occasions to discuss the topics.