Building Visions for Jerusalem

Negotiations have become futile on the national scale. However, regional interactions between various communities are taking place on a regular basis across the country. As a result, regional systems of interests are created and offer another avenue toward common understanding.


IPCRI aims to facilitate more of these interactions within Jerusalem, both through our "Good Neighbors" project - a multifaceted community-organizing effort in different neighborhoods around Jerusalem. To that end, IPCRI has partnered with the Hebrew University to map local needs and develop working groups for local interventions.

Through both projects, we aim to engage local communities in participatory processes that will illuminate their current interlinks and point to potential areas of agreement for the future. As such, our efforts will help both Arab and Jewish citizens in Jerusalem improve their everyday lives in concrete ways, while at the same time working to build the social infrastructure and functional ecosystem for lasting peace and understanding, which can serve as a model for the region as a whole.

For further information, list of partners and publications, please visit this  website.
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Abu Tour.



Sheik Jarrah

  • Establishment of a women's  working group

  • Sheik Jarrah place making projects

  • The opening of 'Sinsila' Center 

  • 'Good Neighbors Project'

  • The establishment of a shared space for the community; locals came together an painted a children's school wall.

  • Empowering Women in the Public Space