Joint Enviornmental Forum

In the shared environment of Israel and the Palestinian Territories, impacts of environmental issues and climate change know no borders. In a region that has a quickly growing population, rapid development, limited water resources, and a vulnerable environment, joint cooperation is essential.

The Israel/Palestine Joint Environmental Forum was established by IPCRI and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in November 2012 to address this need.

The Forum's goal was to serve as an informal physical and virtual meeting place of leading professionals from civil society (academics and NGO representatives) where ideas, campaigns, concerns, and issues could be raised, discussed, and then acted upon. The Forum met on a quarterly basis, bringing together key leaders in environmental work in both Israeli and Palestinian society.

The four broad aims of the Forum were as follows:

  1. To raise awareness of key environmental issues requiring cross-border cooperation, focusing especially on government and civil society.

  2. To enable the effective sharing of information and resources surrounding environmental concerns and initiatives in the region.

  3. To promote capacity-building within organizations working on environmental issues in the region.

  4. To propose specific actions that will improve the effectiveness of environmental cooperation in the region and ensure that, where possible, they are carried out.