Strategic Thinking and Analysis Team (STAT)

The goal of the ‘Strategic Thinking and Analysis Team’ meetings was twofold: first, IPCRI aimed to facilitate Track II Diplomacy by creating an environment encouraging participants to generate pragmatic solutions to the conflict’s political realities. Second, meetings allowed experts to debate existing research and ideas and then brainstorm new and innovative suggestions to advance the peace process. IPCRI presented the meeting’s conclusions in policy recommendations. STAT meetings were not open to public and we did not publish names of participants in order to maintain confidentiality. This confidentiality allowed all speakers to state their true opinions without fear of political backlash.


Participants in STAT meetings included current and former ministers, politicians, and officials from Israel and the Palestinian Authority; leaders of prominent local NGOs; academics; businessmen; and other experts.

Where we Stand

Between 2012-2013, IPCRI hosted eight meetings. Topics included Revisiting the Paris Protocols, Collective Rights of Palestinians and Israelis, the Effects of Remaining in the Status Quo, Energy and Environmental Policies, Import and Export between Israel and Palestine and the Role of Media on Perpetuating the Conflict. The STAT meetings were supported by KAS - Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Israel.