1. 1.Dr. Gershon Baskin - Founder of IPCRI and former co-CEO, writer and expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

  2. 2.Hanna Siniora - Former co-CEO of IPCRI, former politician high-level advisor of the PA, editor and publisher

  3. 3.Hillel Adiri – Agro-business expert, working on joint Israeli-Palestinian agriculture cooperation for more than 15 years

  4. 4.Prof. Alfred Abed Rabbo - Director/Associate Professor in Water & Soil Environmental Research Unit, Bethlehem University

  5. 5.Mohammad Naja - Businessman

  6. 6.Rafi Benvenisti – Consultant to the World Bank, Former Senior Advisor to the Minister of Finance, and the Minister of Regional Cooperation

  7. 7.Dr. Laila Abed Raba

  8. 8.Fouad Jabr – Former CEO in Palestine, Egyptian Arab Land Bank, VP Palestinian Businessmen’s Association

  9. 9.Gadi Kenny - Peace Activist

  10. 10.Saman Khoury - Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Trustees and General Manager, Peace & Democracy Forum/Jerusalem

  11. 11. Dr. Alon Liel – Professor and Businessman, Former Ambassador to South Africa and Turkey, Former Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  12. 12. Aziz Abu Sarah Executive Co-Director CRDC at George Mason University. columnist, Co-founder of MEJDI - alternative tours through the Middle East.

  13. 13. Nancy Rumann – Water Planner, National Water Council, Consultant GTZ

  14. 14. Prof. Galia Golan – Professor at the Hebrew University and the Inter-disciplinary college of Herzliya

  15. 15. Amal Ziada – veteran feminist activist and media professional, Palestinian citizen of Israel.

  16. 16. Azzam Shawwa (Co-Chair) – General Manager Al Quds Investment Bank, Former PA Minister of Energy

  17. 17. Mohammed Yazegi - Businessman, Gaza

  18. 18. Eran Ben Yemeni - Environmentalist, founder and first chairman of the Green Movement Party, lectures in Seminar Hakibbutzim College

  19. 19. Moti Fogel - Journalist, editor and activist.

  20. 20. Iskander Najjar - Professor Emeritus, Al Quds university.



Who We Are

Dan Goldenblatt, LLB, MBA, is the Israeli co-CEO of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information as of December 2011. A lawyer by profession he served as a staff attorney at the Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Zurich, Switzerland. He was then the secretary general of the Green Leaf party and a Knesset candidate in the 2003 elections. He then served a political advisor to Member of Knesset Dr. Roman Bronfman after which he turned to business, where he focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean technology. Dan is dedicated to ending the Israeli occupation and achieving a just and fair resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to secure safety, freedom and rights for all.

Riman Barakat is the co-CEO of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information as of February 2012. She holds two graduate degrees in the fields of Middle Eastern Studies and International Affairs respectively. Since her early career she has been involved in peace-building activities as well as research projects that involve the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Riman is a published scholar who has researched the historical, political and social life of Jerusalem. Her current research focuses on democratization in the Middle East, US Middle Eastern relations, and the interaction of religion with politics. Ms. Barakat's involvement with IPCRI goes back to 2007 when she held the position of co-coordinator of the strategic affairs unit. Recently Riman has completed a Fulbright scholarship at Marquette University in Wisconsin.  In addition to her academic expertise, Ms. Barakat has gained a rich experience in development in her previously held job at the UNDP/ PAPP. Riman is committed to the prosperity and national aspirations of the Palestinian people, and believes in the importance of developing strong and just political institutions in Palestine. Dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis, she believes, is an essential element in achieving peace. 

Mirthe Biemans: As IPCRI’s Program Manager, Mirthe Biemans manages the research and information and sustainable peace building program of IPCRI. Including project development, resource development, project management and communication and outreach.

Robin Twite: The director of the Center for Environment, Robin Twite, was a career official in the British Council and has worked on environmental issues as director of the IPCRI Environment and Water Program for over a decade.

Jalil Hishmeh: As IPCRI’s financial officer, Jalil Hishmeh is responsible for maintaining the organization’s budget and keeping its financial records.


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