IPCRI was launched in 1988 in order to promote dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian civil society. In December 1987, after 20 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, the Palestinian territories erupted in a mass popular revolt for freedom and for internal societal and political reforms. The intifada emerged from the most dispossessed part of Palestinian society – the refugee camps. It was in this political and social climate that the idea behind IPCRI was born; to build bridges of communication and cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian civil society.


In March 1988, in the fourth month of the Intifada, Gershon Baskin, founder and co-director of IPCRI, published advertisements in 3 Palestinian newspapers. The ads read:


“If you believe in the possibility of Palestinian-Israeli peace on the basis of a two state solution, if you believe that Palestinians and Israelis can work together on programs of active conflict resolution, if you’re a person with initiative, a university graduate, and you’re curious – call me”


The Intifada prompted a reassessment of the status quo and demonstrated the need to address the fundamental issue of how to bring about a peace process that would satisfy both the Palestinians’ legitimate right of self determination and Israel’s legitimate security concerns. The advert prompted over 50 phone calls and numerous meetings between Israelis and Palestinians, producing the ideas, principles and networks which would lead to the formation of IPCRI.


IPCRI is one of the oldest bridge building initiatives in the region and one of the few organizations to survive the Al Aqsa Intifada. Founded on the principle of joint and equal partnership between Palestinian and Israeli academics, intellectuals, professionals and politicians, IPCRI continues to promote the cause of peace and maintains its position as the only Israeli-Palestinian joint public policy think tank and “do tank” in the region.

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