About the Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information

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Israel Palestine Center for Environment:

IPCRI’s Environment department focuses primarily on researching the effects of environmental degradation on Israel and Palestine, on the development of environmentally conscious infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza, and on promoting the environmental benefits of cooperation between Israel and Palestine. It frequently works with Universities, Foreign Governments, and other Non-Governmental Organizations to carry out projects that benefit the regional and global environment.

The Center for Environment’s development work in Palestine helps to lay the foundation for a peaceful future. Its projects help Palestinians build the sustainable and independent infrastructure that is a pre-requisite for a future state.

Israel Palestine Center for Research:

The Research and Advocacy Department devotes its energy to developing practical political solutions to the most divisive issues of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. It focuses on research and advocacy activities which stimulate debate and inform the public about the possibilities for peace. By producing ideas and outlining solutions, the department contributes to expanding the range of policy options available to decision makers and officials. It also coordinates two track negotiations which bring together prominent Israelis and Palestinians to explore the major final status issues such as Jerusalem, borders, settlements and security. These activities take the form of roundtable discussions, conferences and bi-monthly meetings which encourage creative problem solving and promote mutual interests.

Israel Palestine Center Public Media:

The Public Media Department is responsible for informing the public about all events and research undertaken by IPCRI. Its goals are to improve public knowledge about the peace process and the policy options available to resolve the major issues. By providing extensive video, audio and textual information to the public, this department is fundamental in raising awareness about the Palestinian Israeli conflict and promoting a mutually acceptable peace agreement. It provides a large database of information about IPCRI’s past and present projects, provides updates and newsletters about recent events, and publicizes upcoming workshops, conferences and meetings between Israelis and Palestinians.

IPCRI, founded in Jerusalem in 1988, is the only joint Israeli-Palestinian public policy think-tank in the world. It is devoted to developing practical solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


The Israel/ Palestine Center for Research and Information is a joint institution of Israelis and Palestinians dedicated to the resolution of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict on the basis of “two states for two peoples”. IPCRI recognizes the rights of the Jewish people and the Palestinian people to fulfill their national interests within the framework of achieving national self-determination within their own states and by establishing peaceful relations between two democratic states living side-by-side.


IPCRI is divided into three departments; Environment, Public Media and Research. Each is responsible for its own projects and management with significant coordination between departments. By implementing long term, sustainable strategies on joint issues such as the environment, public outreach and ongoing political, social and economic developments, IPCRI is constantly moving towards its central goal; a lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis on the basis of two states for two people.

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