The central mission of JEMS is to build environmental conflict management capabilities in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The center's primary activities are: 

Mediation of Active Disputes 

Teams work as an impartial side in a process of trying to find solutions for active environmental disputes. The objective is to help stakeholders in particular situations come to a shared understanding of the environmental challenges they face and to develop concrete action plans aimed at mitigating threats to human and environmental health in a way that all sides can accept. Participation in the mediation process is voluntary. The parties interact and communicate with the help of a neutral in order to come up with solutions to environmental problems that are technically sound and satisfactory to all those involved in the process. In the current political situation, disputes within Israel will be mediated by Israelis and those within the Palestinian Authority Area by Palestinians.

Negotiation and Mediation Training for Palestinian and Israeli Environmental Professionals 

A small group of capable and dynamic Israeli and Palestinian environmental professionals are undergoing a three-year program of mediation training. The curriculum is based on the "Mutual Gains Approach" to negotiation, developed at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard University in the United States, and spans all practical and theoretical dimensions of the art and science of negotiation and mediation. As part of their training in dispute resolution techniques, trainees will actively participate as supporting and junior staff in interventions carried out by JEMS in environmental conflicts (mediated by more senior professionals). At the conclusion of the training period, the newly trained mediators will carry on as JEMS core professional staff, providing environmental mediation services on a permanent basis.