JEMS Teams are working on two environmenal disputes. The two projects involve governmental agencies and communities, each with unique challanges and potentials for mutual gains. Twelve trainees are taking part in conducting the mediations.

JEMS is currently mediating the siting of a proposed national park in the Upper Galilee. The area is located in a valley which is rich in fauna, flora and historical heritage. A small community has resided and made their living in this valley for generations. Private landowners want to have full property rights, this may conflict with future plans for the proposed park.

Photo: The wall-like structure int he picture is one of five historical spring-water-powered flower mills.

This uncontrolled dumped has served several Palestinian communities in the West Bank for over 40 years. It is now fully surrounded by urban development and covers an area 10 times larger than its intended size. The current political situation makes it near impossible to build an alternative site. JEMS was asked to intervene (mediate).

Photo: The same landfill, with the surrounding communities close in on each other every day. Notice the smoke which results from spontanious fires.

JEMS mediators following training in August 2000. During the first year, five major training sessions were conducted. Today and despite of the turbulent political situation, JEMS trainees are more committed than ever. Many of the trainiees are already conducting real life mediations.

Photo: Michele Ferenz of CBI with JEMS trainees.

Mediators at work (from left to right: Dr. Zakaria Al-Qaq, Palestinian Co-Direcor of IPCRI, Robin Twite, IPCRI Environmental Programs Manager, Dr. Gershon Baskin, Israeli Co-Director of IPCRI, Amjad Jaouni, Palestinian Co-Director of JEMS, and behind the camera is Ronnie Cohen-Ginat, Israeli Co-Director of JEMS). Photo taken at a sunrise breakfast while on the way to assess a case for mediation.