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Towards Final Status: Assessing the Refugee Issue

IPCRI Directors: Gershon Baskin and Zakariah al-Qaq

Project Director: Adel Yahya, PACE; P.O. Box 841, Ramallah; phone/fax: (972) 2-998-6854; e-mail: pace@ planet.edu; Web: http://www.planet.edu/~pace/

Project Coordinator: Elissa Swift

IPCRI; PO Box 51358; Jerusalem, Israel 91513; phone: (972) 2-627-4382; fax: (972) 2-627-4383; e-mail: law@netvision.net.il ; Web: http://www.ipcri.org

Over an eight month period, IPCRI will be conducting a study of the Palestinian refugee issue in order to make an extremely current assessment and timely recommendations concerning the issue of Palestinian refugees in the context of final status negotiations.

Surveys and in-depth interviews will be conducted amongst the Palestinian and Israeli communities. Adel Yahya will conduct the research for the Palestinian side, and Dani Rubinstein. The Palestinian study group participants will be Norma Masriyeh, Masalam abu-Hilo, Yousef Nasser, Shawqi Ayasha, and Mazen Qatuto. The Israeli study group participants will be Benny Morris, Nomi Bar Yaacov, Emanuel Marx, and Gadi Zohar. This being a joint project gathering both Palestinian and Israeli scholars, the results of this study will be proposals and recommendations relevant and legitimate to both the Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams.

Status: The project is officially underway as of April, 1997. The first official meeting of the study group was held at the beginning of May, and subsequent study group meetings will be held each month until January 1998. Surveys will be conducted in July, August and October.

If you have any questions or comments, we can be reached:
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