Beilin - Abu Mazen Agreement (1995)

This agreement was negotiated in secret in Oslo by a team of Palestinian and Israeli negotiators, under the supervision of Yossi Beilin for Israel, and of Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) for the Palestinian side. It is a draft agreement that was never officially signed by either side, and has been repudiated and even denied by Abbas. The agreement was finalized in October 1995, and Yossi Beilin returned to get the approval of Prime Minister Rabin. However, by the time Beilin had returned to Israel, Yitshak Rabin had been assassinated by Yigal Amir. Shimon Peres was unwilling to go forward with the agreement, and likewise, apparently, Abu-Mazen was not able to find support for it on the Palestinian side. However, many of the ideas contained in this agreement were carried forward to other negotiations, and are reflected in draft agreements regarding refugee status and Jerusalem, as well as status of the settlements and the principle of territorial exchange.