Two States in One Space Research Paper

 The new framework presented in the “Two States in One Space” project proposes the creation of two independent states that enter into a voluntary union with greater flexibility and cooperation than the separation paradigm. This offers a more realistic response to the history and the present, and allows for a resolution that includes less sacrifice and trauma than other models. In such a vision, Israel and Palestine would exist as two sovereign nation states. Israel on 78% of the land and Palestine on 22%. Jerusalem would remain one urban space and a capital for two countries. Evacuation of over a hundred thousand Jews would be prevented. A real answer to the Palestinian refugee issue would be given. A guaranteed Jewish state with a Jewish majority would also be ensured.

Banking Law Reform in the Palestinian Territories

The report by the IPCRI Law and Development Program tracks commercial law development in the Palestinian territories and Israeli-Palestinian economic agreements. They also contain translation of relevant statutes and military orders, analyses of the present commercial law structures, and proposals for legal modernization and harmonization.


Intellectual Property Reform in the Palestinian Territories

The signing of the Oslo peace agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization opens the road for social, economic and cultural development within Palestinian society. The laws created by the Palestinian Legislative Council must not only reflect this hope but ensure that such progress can take place in a speedy and efficient manner.


Commercial Law Report: A Reevaluation of the Border Industrial Estates Concept

This paper aimes to serve as an evaluation of the concept of border industrial zones between Israel and Palestine. The paper examines the way they developed and what some of the prospects and problems the first zone, the Gaza Industrial Estate (GIE), is confronting with regard to attracting investors. The Gaza Industrial Estate is meant to serve as a model of economic development in the Palestinian Authority areas and a model for economic cooperation between the PA and Israel.


Democratizing the Refugee Issue - Recomendations

During 2000, IPCRI convened 48 Town-Hall Meetings in 9 different refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza. In all, hundreds of refugees took part in some of the most intensive and comprehensive discussions concerning their future that have ever taken place. In March of 2001 a survey was conducted with 1600 respondents. This report relates to the town meetings held in the refugee camps. The results of the survey are in a separate document entitled "Democratizing the Refugee Issue – Survey Results."