January 15, 2008


Dear friends


I am using this email with my regular Jerusalem Post article to provide you with some information about what is happening in IPCRI and to once again request your assistance.


Upcoming activities:


1.    The formal launching of the IPBF- the Israeli-Palestinian Business Forum.  We have formally registered the Israeli Economic Cooperation Council  (an Israeli registered NGO) and the Palestinian Economic Cooperation Council (a Palestinian registered NGO).  The two economic cooperation councils are coming together in a joint venture to launch the IPBF which will be formally established this week.  The IPBF is being “birthed” by IPCRI but it will be an independent organization providing services to Israeli, Palestinian and International business concerns that are interested in conducting cross-boundary Israeli-Palestinian business, commerce, and investment.


2.    STAT – IPCRI’s Strategic Thinking and Analysis Teams in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation will be holding a weekend meeting in the beginning of February to work on issues in the negotiating process.


3.    Wednesday afternoon public forums – the upcoming meetings will deal with issues such as: Israeli and Palestinian strategic options vis-à-vis Gaza; how best to use the economic resources pledged by the international community.  We are planning to do some events on issues concerning the refugees and Jerusalem in the permanent status negotiations.


4.    Home based lo-tech sewage solutions – in one village in the West Bank IPCRI is launching a pilot program that will be implemented in one village and will assist families to construct home-based sewage solutions that will be linked to a village system for biological treatment of sewage.


5.    IPCRI is beginning to put together a large research team that will organize files on most of the detailed issues that will be under negotiations.  The idea is to collect all of the research that has been conducted around the world over the past 10 years, to summarize that research, organize it, pull out the recommendations and make it user friendly so that negotiators on both sides will have easy access to the various alternatives to resolve the issues under negotiations.  Both sides will receive these files in order to help to create a more level playing field in the negotiations.


6.    April 11-12 – the next Israeli-Palestinian-International peace education workshop.



Your assistance


We are quite hopeful that the international community is coming back online in support of Israeli-Palestinian peace making efforts.  This will still take some time, but we are seeing increased interest.


Until the international community does allocate new funds, we are very dependent on the support of hundreds of you who respond to these calls for assistance.


As reported earlier last week, we now have over 22,000 people on our list.  If each one of you on this list gave $10. We would have $220,000!  If each one of you gave more than $10 – we would have considerably more support and would be able to advance many more of our plans.


Your contributions will go directly to support our peace making efforts.  Now is the time –


An agreement can be reached in 1 year!

Peace is made over time – we need your partnership and your support.


As always – contributions can be made online at:



or checks can be mailed to:



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