Cadennabia Declaration on the Jerusalem Barrier

A Joint Israeli-Palestinian Statement


December 6, 2003


The IPCRI-KAS Israeli-Palestinian Working Group on Jerusalem met together from December 4-7 at the Konrad Adenauer Center in Cadennabia, Italy. The participants belong to two peoples engaged in a political conflict while remaining committed to a cessation of violence, regardless of its sources and to resolving the conflict through negotiations.


While we differ over the very legitimacy of physical barriers as such, we share opposition to the Jerusalem barrier as planned.  The route of the Jerusalem barrier discloses political motivations that do not address authentic security needs.


The barrier dismembers Palestinian communities and will create a humanitarian disaster. The barrier as planned will be inhuman, ineffective, and might be counterproductive.


Even those among us who believe that current circumstances warrant certain physical barriers remain devoted to their removal once the violence subsides.


Jerusalem, the Holy City to us all should become the city of peace.