Hanna Siniora

Curriculum Vitae



Address:                                P.O. Box 20185

                                                East Jerusalem

Tel:                                         972-2-6264883/6273293

Fax:                                        972-2-6264975/6287893

E-mail:                                  hannasin@yahoo.com


Date of Birth:                      November 6, 1937


Political Activity:


1990 – Present                      Member, Palestinian National Council (PNC)

1991 – 1992                          Nominated by PLO, Advisor to Palestinian Delegation in Madrid


August 1985 - 1987              Nominated by PLO, to joint Palestinian Jordanian Delegation


1986   -                                   First Official Palestinian to meet Secretary of State George

Schultz, as representative from the occupied territories, to

help the process of recognition of the PLO at the end of the

Reagan presidency.



Other Activities:


2004 –Present                       Chairman of East Jerusalem Development Corporation

Chairman of Palestinian Economic and Social Council (PESC)

Chairman of Peace and Democracy Forum (PDF)

Expert on the Jerusalem issue.


Business Activities:

2005 -                                     Co-CEO of IPCRI 


1989 – Present                      Chairman

                                                European Palestinian Chamber of Commerce


1994 – Present                      Publisher

The Jerusalem Times, Weekly English Newspaper, Jerusalem.

1995 – Present                      General Manager

                                                Biladi Advertising Agency, Jerusalem


1995 – Present                      Chairman

                                                Siniora Star Ltd. US Air GSA, Jerusalem.


1998 – 2003                         Chairman

                                                Palestinian American Chamber of Commerce


1974 – 1993                         Editor in Chief

                                                Al-Fajr Daily, Arabic newspaper, Jerusalem

                                                Al-Fajr Weekly, English newspaper, Jerusalem


1990 - 2000                           Board Member

                                                Bir Zeit Palestinian Pharmaceutical Co., Ramallah